Materials, Processes & Nanotechnology

Opportunity Reference Description
Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) in Disperse Phase Systems 13180 The use of RAFT controlled radical polymerisation in disperse phase systems to generate novel polymer composite nanostructures.
A Solvent Free Catalyst for Polycarbonate Production 12053 The preparation of crystalline Zinc Glutarate (ZnGa) in an organic solvent free synthesis. ZnGa is widely used as a catalyst in the manufacture of poly-carbonates.
Mineral Oxide Bioleaching Using Fungal Metabolic Products 12297 A process using specific fungal metabolic products and sulphuric acid that achieves high value metal (Ni, Co, V, Ti) extraction from oxide ores including limonite, nontronite and saprolite laterite ores, weathered ilmenite ore and titaniferous magnetite concentrates at temperatures of 90-95°C within 3 – 6 hours.
Reverse Osmosis Subsurface Drip Irrigation 11869 A new sub-surface drip irrigation technology that enables crop producers to use brackish water as a source of irrigation for high value crops
Polymerisation Method 10626 A radical polymerisation reaction which can be initiated by an oxide compound in the absence of additional catalysts and initiators.
Encapsulated Catalyst 10625 A method for placing various catalysts in nanocapsules, which protects the catalysts from harmful conditions and facilitates their recovery from reaction mixtures.
WeldPrint™ – real time quality monitoring in automated welding applications 10808 Signature Image Processing (SIP) technology, known as WeldPrint™, which analyses electrical data collected from welding processes - usually automated, robotic welding - and identifies welding faults in real time, measures the stability of welding, and enables welding processes to be optimised.
Covalent Attachment of Bioactive Protein to Any Surface 10132 This technology enables the robust attachment of biomolecules, including enzymes, antibodies, structural proteins and synthetic polypeptides, to any underlying material, retaining biological activity.
High Expression System For Human Lysyl Oxidase 12128 An over expression system that provides for the efficient production of large amounts of the human lysyl oxidase protein.