Auxiliaries for Mini-Screws in Orthodontics

Ref: 12636
Auxiliaries for improved connection and force application between orthodontic appliances and TADs

Key advantages
  • Continuous and “optimal” force application
  • Easy insertion
  • Less tissue irritation
  • Less chair time
  • Less frequent activations


Figure 1:Intrusion Spring coupled with magnetic miniscrew

Figure 1:Intrusion Spring coupled with magnetic miniscrew

Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) were used in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics for some years however the connection between the orthodontic appliances and TADs and force application is sometimes complicated, ineffective and time consuming.

Clinicians are using the existing fixed appliances auxiliairies such as power chain, elastics and closed coils to deliver forces; however these auxiliairies are not meant to be used with TADs and often cause tissue irritation.

The invention

The invention relates to the use of auxiliaries in applying mechanical forces on the dentition taking anchorage from TAD(s) as well as the use of auxiliaries for easy and efficient connection of the TAD(s) to the dentition and the anchorage unit(s).

Auxiliaries consist of:

  • connection plate
  • Magnetic cap
  • Adjustable Intrusion unit
  • Surgical plates with bracket or a tube or slot attachment
  • Composite bonded Pin
  • Tooth Colour coated attachments
  • Gingiva (gum) colour coated attachments
  • Gum or tooth colour biocompatible acrylic or other coating
  • Auto-locking Mini-Screw / Pin (TAD)
  • Clear (plastic / ceramic / silicon or other (hard or soft) pin / attachment


Auxiliaries to work with orthodontic and orthopaedic appliances when extra anchorage is required.

Principal inventors

  • Dr Ali Darendeliler