Opportunities: medical devices

Opportunity Reference Description
Auxiliaries for Mini-Screws in Orthodontics 12636 Auxiliaries for improved connection and force application between orthodontic appliances and TADs
Respiratory Aid Device 11202 A portable device which uses in-phase vibration to bring relief to patients with respiratory diseases.
Fibre Optic Dosimeter (FOD) 11835 A Fibre Optic Dosimeter, for use in the real time monitoring of radiation doses delivered to patients undergoing brachytherapy or other beam radiation treatments.
CHOICE (Choice of Health Options In reducing Cardiovascular Events) program for secondary preventions 11197 The CHOICE program is a brief and patient-centered method for reducing cardiovascular risk factors. The program is packaged as risk factor modules via a clinic visit plus telephone support.
Covalent Attachment of Bioactive Protein to Any Surface 10132 This technology enables the robust attachment of biomolecules, including enzymes, antibodies, structural proteins and synthetic polypeptides, to any underlying material, retaining biological activity.