High Expression System For Human Lysyl Oxidase

Ref: 12128
An over expression system that provides for the efficient production of large amounts of the human lysyl oxidase protein.

Key advantages
  • Useful for companies seeking to make large amounts of the human protein
  • A component of elastin formulations


Lysyl oxidase is needed in vivo to cross-link elastin and collagen containing tissues. Our technology provides a soluble form of the human lysyl oxidase protein. Lysyl oxidase cannot be easily accessed from mammalian tissues and is not normally soluble in aqueous solutions. We have solved these yield and solubility problems.

The invention

This invention is an efficient, high yielding method for the convergent ligation-based assembly of peptides and phosphopeptides. This technolgoy will allow for the synthesis of native peptides and phosphopeptides. The combined natural abundance of serine and threonine of 13.2% creates a wealth of opportunities in the field of peptide and protein synthesis, not previously available using the cysteine-based native chemical ligation platform.


The lysyl oxidase can be used as component in a collagen or elastin based formulation, such as for wound repair or cosmetic uses.

Principal inventors

  • Professor Anthony Weiss