Opportunities: pharmaceuticals / biotech

Central nervous system (CNS)

Opportunity Reference Description
Ligands for the Translocator Protein (18 kDa) (TSPO) 12003 Novel lead series of ligands for the Translocator Protein (18 kDa) for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders and neuroinflammation.

Other therapeutics

 Opportunity Reference Description
Topical Statin for Ophthalmic Use 14447 Statins have known cholesterol-lowering and immunomodulatory poperties, which prompted the novel idea of utilising them as a topical ocualar therapy. This is the first eye drop to address all the underlying aspects of Blepharitis, which is an inflamation of the eyelids with increased abnormal cholesterol production.
Endocannabinoid CB1 antagonists as hepatitis C virus antivirals. 13067 A novel class of agents, the second-generation CB1 antagonists, have demonstrated a strong antiviral effect against the hepatitis C virus.
Novel therapeutic for problem drinking 13290 A compound efficacious in the reduction of alcohol intake and to protect against problems associated with heavy drinking
Metabolic Syndrome Therapy Targeting Fibroblast Activation Protein [FAP] 12077 Metabolic Syndrome Therapy Targeting Fibroblast Activation Protein [FAP]
Novel Therapeutic Dietary Supplement 13288 Phospholipids isolated from dairy milk have been shown to have therapeutic properties by having the ability to reduce serum and liver lipid levels.
Novel Anti-Fungal Agents 10460 Two novel classes of anti-fungal agents that have demonstrated broad spectrum of activity against fungal species with significantly improved properties over existing antifungal compounds


Opportunity Reference Description
Rapid Tests for Disease Diagnoses 12112 The technology requires a drop of biological fluid, such as blood, from which fast and accurate pathology tests can be used to indicate the presence of certain specific diseases before clinical signs are apparent, or to differentiate diseases with similar clinical symptoms.
Diagnosis of Latent Phase in Cytomegaloviral Infections 6453 A method of identifying latent phase Cytomegaloviral infections.

Platform technologies

Opportunitiy Reference Description
Covalent Attachment of Bioactive Protein to Any Surface 10132 This technology enables the robust attachment of biomolecules, including enzymes, antibodies, structural proteins and synthetic polypeptides, to any underlying material, retaining biological activity.
An artificial medium mimicking human sputum 13611 This medium had been developed for laboratory use to culture respiratory bacteria in an environment that closely mimics human lung sputum.
Chlorophyll d Synthase 13037 An enzyme that carries out the conversion of chlorophyll a to chlorophyll d has been identified
Designer RNA-binding proteins 13089 A library of protein modules in which each member will bind specifically to a different three-nucleotide sequence of single-stranded RNA. When these modules are combined, they will be able to be used to target any given specific RNA sequence with high specificity.
Peptide Ligation 12268 A novel ligation method for the synthesis of phosphopeptides and peptides, using serine or threonine residues to facilitate amide bond formation with a range of C-terminal thioesters.
High Expression System For Human Lysyl Oxidase 12128 An over expression system that provides for the efficient production of large amounts of the human lysyl oxidase protein.
Drug Screen for Anti-Malaria and other Anti-Parasitic Drugs 11066 A new phylum of easily cultured algae that can be used to develop and screen drugs that target apicoplasts, a known target for antiparasitic drugs.
Encapsulated Catalyst 10625 A method for placing various catalysts in nanocapsules, which protects the catalysts from harmful conditions and facilitates their recovery from reaction mixtures.
Novel Proteinases: Dipeptidyl Peptidases 8 and 9 (DPP8 and DPP9) 10578 Two new enzymes (DPP8 and DPP9) cloned and sequenced with multiple applications, including, selectivity screening of DPP-IV inhibitors.

Animal health

Opportunity Reference Description
Genetic Markers for Fibre Pigmentation in Animals 10614 A technology to use genetic markers to identify animals susceptible to producing dark hair or wool fibres. The technology is particularly suited to sheep.
Equine Performance Test 10615 Genetic markers used to indicate the health and determine the physical performance of a horse.