Ref: 14220
Automatic conversion of an XML file to an SQL database.

Key advantages
  • Full interpretation of XML data items into SQL database
  • Indexed field included for fast access
  • Easy installation and use. Only the Python language is required


Originally requirement was to represent an extremely large XML dataset as SQL that would take a very long time to convert manually. Able to cope with XML list data and automatically create SQL tablesmapped to XML tags.


Conversion from XML to SQL entails interpretation translating the XML data structure to some equivalent in an SQL tables providing a database that organises all data items including attribute fields grouping data items for ease of viewing within their XML tag categories. :


XML is a standard output used by many software vendors to define and communicate output from their software but is not organised for fast manipulation. converting XML to SQL provide for fast retireval and analysis.


  • Keir Vaughan-Taylor


Download this technology here.

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