Opportunities: software


Opportunity Reference Description
CUSP (Course and Unit of Study Portal) system for curriculum information management 14280 The CUSP system is a web application that enables integrated academic management of curriculum design and student course information in university teaching programs operating under diverse and evolving curriculum standards and reporting frameworks. The software is designed to engage not just individual students and academic staff but also teaching managers and administrators in a whole-of-program approach to curriculum design and delivery. The system addresses the outcomes reporting requirements of professional accreditation bodies and is equipped to respond to the additional requirements expected from the new Australian higher education regulator (TEQSA).
AngleTree: the Smarter Search in High Dimensional Space 13132 Generalisation of kd-tree to take advantage of intrinsic structure of high dimentional data for more efficent similarity search
Energy-conscious Scheduling of Parallel Applications Utilising Dynamic Voltage Scaling 12111 A parallel program to run on heterogeneous multiprocessor platforms with the objective to minimize both total execution time and energy consumption.
Document Meaning Comparator 10811 Software that can match multiple text based documents, based on comparing their meaning intentions rather than common words and/or the same strings of text.
Distributed Turbo Coding and Cooperative Transmission Scheme for Wireless Networks 11011 A generalised distributed turbo coding (DTC) scheme for a general relay network with an arbitrary number of relays.