Menzies Centre for Health Policy

Health policy research and advisory services

Key advantages
  • Leading expertise in the formation and implementation of evidence-based policy development in a wide range of health areas.
  • Special interest in the prevention and management of non-communicable disease, including cardiovascular disorders, respiratory illness and diabetes.
  • Considerable experience as an independent convener to extract consensus on controversial issues and seek understanding of the range of opinions and concerns on topical public health issues.
  • Workshop facilitation across a range of issues and portfolios relating to public health.


The Menzies Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) is a joint venture between University of Sydney and the The Australian National University. It aims to provide the Australian people with a better understanding of their health system and what it provides for them. The Centre encourages informed debate about how Australians can influence health policy to ensure that it is consistent with their values and priorities and is able to deliver safe, high quality health care that is sustainable in the long term.

MCHP has a wealth of project and research experience in various consumer and industry issues, including health policy and health system reform, epidemiology, management, mapping and strategic planning, health service and professional development, clinical effectiveness, and nutrition policy.

It comprises the Diabetes Unit and the Oxford Health Alliance Asia-Pacific Centre. These collaborations, and the breadth and depth of projects and programs they encompass, require a truly interdisciplinary set of skills and experience. MCHP meet this challenge through their immediate workforce from diverse professional backgrounds, augmented by equally diverse professionals who are affiliated associates.

Research and expertise capability

The Centre has a demonstrated capacity to assist clients with analytic policy advice to support the design and implementation of a wide range of policy options at all levels and across a variety of areas relating to the Australian health environment. This is evidenced by the diverse projects they have been involved in to date, and the diverse skills of their staff.

It employs a wide spectrum of strategies (education, public debate, developing/examining the evidence base) and disciplines (policy analysis, epidemiology, planning, management and industry, macro-and micro-economics, urban design, professional education and development, and clinical disciplines) to inform debate, and develop the best possible health policies for Australia and beyond.



  • Professional development and education
  • Workshop and seminar hosting
  • Strategic planning
  • Policy development

Advisory services:

  • Acting as a non partisan independent convenor

Principal researchers / consultants