Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA)

Leading-edge research, applications and analysis of sustainability issues.

Key advantages
  • Leading-edge research, development of applications, consulting on environmental issues and broader analysis.
  • Research strengths include quantitative Triple Bottom Line (TBL) reporting, Carbon and Ecological Footprint Analysis, Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) and more.
  • Quantitative, consistent and comprehensive methods that integrate sustainability indicators with detailed structural information relating to the Australian economy.


Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis
(ISA) is a multi-disciplinary research team at the University of Sydney.

It brings together expertise in a number of areas: environmental science, economics, energy technology, social science, ecology, climate change, water and waste technology, agriculture, education engineering, computing, mathematics, nuclear physics and dosimetry, and material science.

Research and expertise capability

Can you measure the impact your organisation has on the environment? How accurate is your estimated carbon footprint? Which analysis do you rely upon to ensure the right decision is taken to create a sustainable world for the future?

ISA has developed an accounting tool that not only quantifies but qualifies available data to produce the most accurate analysis for your organisation.

The team has produced groundbreaking reports for major corporations, federal and state government agencies, and NGOs in Australia and overseas. For an example of ISA's capability, read the report on the Triple Bottom Line performance of Australia's industry sectors: [http://www.isa.org.usyd.edu.au/publications/balance.shtml||Balancing Act]].

ISA recently provided the greenhouse emissions calculations for the Commonwealth Government's Climate Clever program, covering households and small businesses.



The Centre for Integrated Sustainability offers consulting services on a range of topics, including:

  • Triple Bottom Line / sustainability reporting
  • Carbon footprint analysis
  • Ecological footprint analysis
  • Life-cycle assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Industry sector studies
  • Population studies
  • National accounts
  • Education and resources
  • Economic systems research

BL3 (bottomline3) is a software package developed by Dipolar Pty Limited and ISA. This software creates a comprehensive sustainability report across the Triple Bottom Line, using input from the organisation's expenditure and revenue accounts.

Education and training

ISA offers two- and three-day courses on the Triple Bottom Line framework, including training in the use of ecological and carbon footprint indicators. The courses are designed to maximise outcomes though a combination of work-based learning, learning with a colleague, learning over time, and the use of real data in the participant's organisation.

Tailored, individual training for individual organisations can be developed on request.

Principal researchers / consultants