For staff

How we can help you

Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships is here to assist you with:

  1. Linking your expertise with our network of business through:
    a. Professional services such as consultancy and testing services;
    b. Research collaborations and funding; and
    c. Licensing of intellectual property for commercialisation by businesses.
  2. Analysing invention and patent management
  3. Providing advice on intellectual property, partnerships, and commercial terms in contractual agreements
  4. Negotiating commercial terms of research and licensing agreements on behalf of the university
  5. Increasing category 3 funding for the University.

Intellectual Property

Inventors are encouraged to submit an Invention Disclosure Form to as early as possible in the inventive process, before a public disclosure of the idea or invention. The Invention Disclosure Form is designed to gather specific information that will enable evaluation of the invention's patentability and commercial potential. If you are not sure your discovery or idea rises to the level of an invention as defined under the patent law, please reach out to us for an informal discussion. We will be able to quickly evaluate if your early concepts merit submission of an Invention Disclosure Form.

Please refer to the Intellectual Property section for more information and forms.

Get help with research, testing and consulting agreements

For help with Research, Testing and Consulting Agreements please fill in the Service Request Form.

Where to take your contract

Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships will assist you with:

  1. Licence or Option agreements regarding University IP.

Research Grants and Contracts will assist you with:

  1. Research funding tender research or grant applications and research agreements with non-commercial entities;
  2. Research agreements with commercial entities;
  3. ARC Linkage Industry partners agreements (for successful applications);
  4. Consultancy and Material transfer agreements (MTA);
  5. Confidentiality agreements;
  6. Visitor’s agreements; and
  7. CRC Applications and Agreements.