Releasing works under an open source licence

The University has a number of different options when considering material or the best commercialisation strategy for material or software. For example, the University can enter into a commercial licence for development and/or distribution of the software.

The University could also choose to release software under an Open Source licence. This will grant all third parties (ie, everyone) certain rights to use the software.

Some of the questions that should be considered when deciding whether it is appropriate to release your work under an Open Source licence are as follows:

  • whether the material or software will be commercialised and identifying the best commercialisation strategy for material or software;
  • the commitments that the University has made to others regarding the material or software;
  • the restrictions, protections and limitations that the University requires for the particular software (eg to protect the University from claims);
  • the field of application of the software;
  • whether any third party materials are used or incorporated into the material or software; and
  • the potential use of the materials or the software.

If you feel that software or other materials you have developed at the University could be released under an Open Source licence, you should notify Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships through the lodgement of a Record of Invention Form. Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships will work with you to determine whether this is appropriate in the circumstances, and if so, which Open Source licence to use.

Download the Record of Invention form (doc)