CDIP fund for research commercialisation
Funding body Commercial Development & Industry Partnerships (CDIP), the University of Sydney


Key dates

Applications open: 16 May 2016

Applications deadline: 10 June 2016

Announcement of awardees: 8 July 2016


The CDIP Fund provides critical financial support for research projects with commercial potential. These funds will be used to:

• Strengthen the patent applications filed by the university, especially by reducing inventions to practice during the 12 months period between provisional filing and PCT filing;

• Strengthen the university's copyright portfolio; and

• Develop ’unripe’ projects into licensable opportunities by reaching critical milestones and demonstrating feasibility.  


• Subject to the receipt of competitive applications, funding of between $20,000 to $80,000 will be provided to the awardees. The preferred project duration will be up to one year.

• Between 5-10 awardees will be selected in each application round.

• A return-on-investment mechanism is built into CDIP Fund agreements with the aim being to grow the Fund, making more funds available in the future. 50% of the first future commercialization income will be paid to the CDIP Fund, with a cap of 200% of the grant amount.


All applications must satisfy the following criteria:

(a) The underlying intellectual property is majority owned by the University of Sydney and is registered with CDIP at the time of the application.

The underlying intellectual property is fully owned by the university, or if shared, the university has commercialising lead with more than 50% ownership of the intellectual property. If the university has less than 50% ownership, the other owner(s) will need to provide matching funding.

(b) The funding must be applied to certain eligible activities.

Is the funded activity one of:

a. construction of prototypes;

b. in-vivo testing for therapeutics intellectual property;

c. testing in animal models for biomedical devices intellectual property; and

d. development of software and other copyright materials.

(c) The funding must be used for approved purposes.

The funding can only be used to buy materials, animals and external services, and not for buying equipment or to fund staff salaries.

Application process

  1. Complete the CDIP Fund application form.

  2. 2. E-mail the completed CDIP Funding application form to