Past events 2010

Propositions and Same-Saying workshop :: Macquarie University

18 January 2010
This workshop was organized by the Centre for Time's Rachael Briggs, in conjunction with Albert Atkin and Mark Jago (Macquarie). Further details here.

Workshop on Decision and Causation :: Sydney

30 April 2010
This one-day research workshop was organised by Arif Ahmed (Cambridge), Lise Marie Andersen (Macquarie) and Huw Price, in conjunction with Dr Ahmed's visit to the Centre for Time. Further details are available here.

Engaging McDowell :: Sydney

12-13 July 2010
The Centre for Time was pleased to be a co-sponsor for a visit to Australia by the distinguished Pittsburgh philosopher, Professor John McDowell. Speakers at this meeting included Nishi Shah (Amherst), Jenann Ismael (Sydney/Arizona), Julia Tanney (Kent), Robert Hanna (Colorado), Melissa Merritt (UNSW), Paul Redding (Sydney), Candace Vogler (Chicago), Pamela Heironymi (UCLA), Markos Valaris (UNSW), Nick Smith (Macquarie), David Macarthur (Sydney), Lionel Shapiro (Sydney/UConn) and Huw Price (Sydney), as well as John McDowell himself. Further details here. Recordings from this event are available for download here.

PIAF Workshop in Foundations :: Brisbane

1–3 December, 2010
This workshop continued a series of meetings in conjunction with the PIAF Collaboration, which links the Centre for Time, together with researchers in the School of Physics and the HPS Unit at the University of Sydney, and at the University of Queensland and Griffith University, to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada.