Past events 2011

Summer Workshop on Causation :: Sydney

13–14 January, 2011
This meeting was held in conjunction with a visit to the Centre for Time by the world-renowned Berkeley psychologist, Professor Alison Gopnik. Further details are available here, and recordings from this meeting are available here.

Naturalism Without Mirrors :: Zurich

9–10 May, 2011
This conference focussed on Huw Price's new collection, Naturalism Without Mirrors (OUP, 2011). The meeting was organised by Anton Leist (Universität Zürich) and Huw Price, with sponsorship from the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, Oslo, and the Pragmatic Foundations Project of the Centre for Time. Further details here.

Expressivism, Projection and Rules :: Sydney

29 June – 1 July, 2011
Speakers at the third in our biennial series of conferences on Expressivism, Pragmatism and Representationalism included Bob Brandom (Pittsburgh), Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh), Paul Horwich (NYU), Jenann Ismael (Arizona), James Ladyman (Bristol), John MacFarlane (Berkeley), John Maier (ANU/Sydney), Huw Price (Sydney), Greg Restall (Melbourne), Michael Ridge (Edinburgh), Lionel Shapiro (UConn), Amie Thomasson (Miami) and Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins). The meeting explored some of the same themes as the two previous EPR conferences (details of which are available here and here); with a particular focus on expressivist approaches to modality, and associated issues. Further information is available here.