Past events 2013

Carlo Rovelli: Online Talks

Videos of talks from the first conference of the project are now online. Our keynote speaker was Carlo Rovelli – his talk can be viewed here:
Watch Here

Summer School on the Physics and Philosophy of Time

23 – 28 July 2013 (University of Lausanne).

Description: The focus of this summer school will be to appreciate how physics and philosophy interact to contribute to our understanding of the nature of time. Our goal is to bring together scholars from both areas to consider central aspects of time as they arise in various physical theories, as well as how traditional philosophical questions regarding time may both motivate physical theorizing and find themselves constrained by it. In particular, we shall consider what statistical physics, the special and general theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, and recent developments in quantum gravity imply for our understanding of (space and) time. The relevant scientific theories consider, among many other topics, the physics of motion, the nature of the continuum, and the geometry of flat and curved spaces. Although the summer school will also consider more straightforwardly philosophical issues, the primary focus will be on the foundations of spacetime as the philosophy of physics is concerned with.

Time Symmetry: A Unified Approach

August 29-30, 2013
A two-day international conference on the philosophy of time symmetry
The underlying laws of physics are largely symmetric in time, and yet time-asymmetric concepts are pervasive throughout different areas of philosophical study. For instance, causes are believed to precede their effects in time and not vice versa, our knowledge of the past differs in form from our knowledge of the future, we believe we can influence the future but not the past, we dread or look forward to future events but not past events, etc. This conference looks at time symmetries and asymmetries in physics, causation, probability and agency, and their commonalities.