Short-term courses
You can study English relevant to your areas of study, work or interest, and develop work-related communication skills.
Customised programs
We offer courses that allow students from our partner universities and other organisations to meet specific academic, professional and cultural goals.
Alumni and Community
You can keep in touch with our teachers and fellow students after you graduate to receive further support and communication training.
University pathways
You can prepare for university life: study English on campus with students from the same discipline; or join our shorter orientation and preparation courses.
You can become more confident using English in your profession by working as an intern while you take an English-language program.
Corporate training
We offer high-quality English-language programs designed to develop global business leaders.

Centre for English Teaching


Proficient English language skills are what governments and institutions from Latin American countries, in particular Colombia, Chile and Brazil, have identified as a priority in their educational development agendas. The English Open Doors program in Chile and English Without Borders in Brazil are two examples of initiatives. Find out more.

Shaping the future

How will Brazilian researchers shape the future? CET’s Manager of International Relations Jacqueline White asked this question to hundreds of students from the far south to the North East of Brazil last month as part of a dedicated delegation focused on the Brazilian Government’s Science Without Borders scholarship program. Find out more.