With ever changing environments we are engaging with both the domestic and international community to meet the growing needs of delivering high quality English language programs. Below is just some of the news we are involved in to meet global demands.


December 2014
Picture of Poche truck

CET Marketing & International Project Team. L-R, Jacqueline White, Janelle Adams, Iris Loba and Justine Barker

CET Staff along with hundreds of University of Sydney staff students and alumni volunteered their morning to pack health kits for kids in remote indigenous communities, an initiative organised by the Sydney Nursing School and Poche Centre for Indigenous Health.
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ALABC - 25 years

November 2014

CET Leaders were honoured to attend the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Australia-Latin America Business Council in November 2014. Engagement with Latin America is a key strategic priority for the Centre for English teaching through English preparation for top scholarship awardees from Latin America as well as government and industry engagement for best practice in English language teaching. Find out more.

CET in Latin America – a commitment to sustainable TESOL development

August 2014

“ This UECA (University English Centres Australia) mission to South America is the first of its kind to the region and I am glad to be representing the members at the events in Brazil and Chile. CET’s outreach has expanded greatly through UECA activities and I look forward to continued involvement with our partners.” (Patrick Pheasant, CET Director and UECA representative on the mission).

CET research showcased at Harvard

June 2014

“… in order for us to truly create and contribute to the world, we have to be able to connect countless dots, to cross-pollinate ideas from a wealth of disciplines, to combine and recombine these pieces and build new castles.” (Maria Popova, Networked Knowledge and Combinatorial Creativity, 2011)

Knowledge alone is not enough anymore. Be it in an academic context or the business world, being innovative and competitive means making new and surprising connections between exiting fields of knowledge. Read more.

World Cup Hosts producing World Class Researchers

June 2014

How will Brazilian researchers shape the future?

CET’s Manager of International Relations Jacqueline White asked this question to hundreds of students from the far south to the North East of Brazil last month as part of a dedicated delegation focused on the Brazilian Government’s Science Without Borders scholarship program.

Far from being caught up in World Cup fever these students from state and federal universities across the country were focused on designing sustainable buildings, creating new renewable energy technologies and curing disease and there was a strong awareness that English language is one of the key tools to achieve these dreams. Read more.

BRAZ-TESOL International Conference & Partnership Development - Brazil

May 2014

“I feel more confident in my English now. My classes at CET were really good for me and my career. I am an engineer and I need English to get a better job in my country.” (Leticia Cabral, student Science Without Borders, Centre for English Teaching)
CET is going South! Daniel Bruce, Deputy Director of the Centre for English Teaching, is representing the University of Sydney in South America at the 2014 BRAZ-TESOL conference. Incorporating TESOL methodology into undergraduate studies, current research on learner autonomy, CET’s experience with the Science Without Borders Programme in Brazil, and teacher training are just some of the expertise Dan will showcase at the conference.

Shortly after, Jacqueline White CET’s Manager of International Relations will visit universities in 10 cities across Brazil to talk about the Science Without Borders program and opportunities to study at CET and the University of Sydney. Read more.

The best and brightest musicians at CET and the Con!

April 2014

The Centre for English Teaching (CET) and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM) have joined forces to offer talented musicians from the Xinghai Conservatory of Music (XCM) an innovative program of English language and music training. Read more.

China Creatives connect with the University of Sydney

April 2014

“Innovation is fundamentally done by individuals… companies can do many things to encourage innovation. I think the one thing they can best do is hire the right people.” (Carl Bass. The New Rules of Innovation. TEDxBerkely).

Sydney Creatives and the Centre for English Teaching (CET) are committed to connecting the right people, the best and brightest from the fields of architecture, design, music and fine arts in Asia to the vibrant academic community of the University of Sydney. Read more

Australian TESOL Experts Collaborate with English Language Teachers and Students - Russia

February 2014

Russian universities have shown an interest in improving ties with Australian Higher Education institutions. The 2014 Global Education Program, a presidential scholarship initiative, will allow 3,000 Russian young professionals to undertake studies at universities worldwide. Sydney is an increasingly popular destination among these prospective global citizens due to its exciting and dynamic student lifestyle, high standard of education, natural beauty, great weather and multicultural business and networking opportunities. More.