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Cross-cultural performances inspirational

ASAS cultural performance celebration diversity and the power of cultural difference.

The incoming group of AusAid scholars from the second semester of 2011 includes a select group of men and women from the following countries:

Afghanistan, Australia, Bhutan, China, Ethiopia, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Liberia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Pakistan, Philippines, PNG, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam.

The ASAS program acknowledges the importance of intercultural communication competency for the future.

Cultural Performances and Presentations included:

Countries   Performances/Presentations
Australia (CET Teachers)   From Little Things Big Things Grow
Indonesia   Bhinneka Tunggal Ika-Unity in Diversity
Afghanistan   Attan: Afghan National Dance
China   Chinese Medley
Bhutan   Welcome to Bhutan
Vietnam   Beo Dat May Troi: A Tradional Song
Iran, Thailand, Japan   Silk Road
Philippines   Ang Pasko
Ethiopia, Guyana, Liberia, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea,
Rwanda, Sierra Leone & South Africa
  Stimeal-Unity and Progress by 'Afropac'
AusAid & ASAS cultural performance

You can see all the action of the day by clicking on the photo.

Thank you to everyone involved. Special thanks to CET teaching staff, Brad Christmas, Stewart Laird, Katherine Olston for their endless energy and support.

New Homestay standards benchmark

The Centre for English Teaching (CET), University of Sydney has recently finalised an official review into acceptable minimum Homestay standards. The results of the review have now been published. The new standards were decided upon after input from DEEWR, ISANA and a selection of experienced Homestay Managers.

Other education providers may find this review of interest when considering their own homestay programs.

Standards to be met by USYD CET Homestay Providers
As from January 2012, the following standards must be met by the approved Homestay Providers for CET:

  1. An online portal which supplies individual logins for agents, hosts, students and institutions where appropriate ‘real time’ data and reports relating to current placements, arrivals and history can be monitored and accessed.
  2. A professional approach to ensuring that there is appropriate and compulsory (guaranteed) insurance cover for Hosts as determined by CET from time to time and in line with Industry expectations.
  3. Documented and guaranteed training for host families and supporting data to demonstrate the training has taken place.
  4. A documented agreement to be signed by all host families outlining appropriate policies and the host obligations.
  5. A documented and comprehensive approach to student orientation.
  6. A student policy which guides student expectations and outlines responsibilities of the host family and Homestay provider.
  7. A 24/7 Emergency and Critical incident phone support strategy which meets an acceptable and professional standard.
  8. An ongoing strategy for the management and accountability of all payments made on behalf of the student to the Homestay host.

As a service to future international students and their parents, CET will be displaying the minimum standards on its website. Only suppliers who agree to and demonstrate compliance with the minimum standards will be recommended to future students by CET. CET will also encourage newly arrived students to consider at least three months’ Homestay

CET teachers present at NEAS Conference - May 2011

Geoff Hegerty

A highly regarded NEAS presentation was given by Geoff Hegarty and Carol Wing-Lun at the NEAS conference last week. They spoke on "What makes a successful Direct Entry Program?", and explored the factors that go into running these programs successfully at CET.

CET hosts Agents' Workshop breakfast - 3 May 2011

agent breakfast

We were honoured to host a breakfast for visiting domestic and international agents. Agents from around the globe enjoyed a welcoming breakfast with us to help sustain them for their busy schedule at the University.

Agents heard about our Customised Programs, General English (GE), Cambridge FCE & CAE programs, IELTS preparation classes and our Alumni & Community Workshops.

Cambridge Teacher Development meeting

Cambridge Teacher Development meeting

English teachers this week gathered at our centre as part of a Cambridge University Press objective to advance knowledge, research and learning worldwide.

Adrian Doff, course consultant for the new Cambridge adult course, English Unlimited, and author of the Starter and Advanced levels was guest speaker. Positive feedback by teachers resulted in a successful, informative event that will benefit international students studying English in Australia.

IELTS Administrators' meeting

IELTS Administrators

IELTS Administrators from across NSW convened at CET to discuss improved delivery of customer service and the IELTS test experience. IELTS , the world’s most popular test with 1.4 million candidates worldwide, continues to strive for excellence. We are proud to be an IELTS Test and Exam Preparation Centre and support the delivery of excellence.

CET response to earthquake and Tsunami in Japan Friday 11 March 2011

We would like to express our heartfelt concern and deepest sympathy for the friends and family of those affected by the recent earthquake off the coast of Sendai, Japan on Friday afternoon. CET has many Japanese students currently studying with us in preparation programs for post-graduate degrees and also currently special customised programs for Tohoku University students.

On Monday morning, 14 March, we will be communicating the following action plan to all our students and offering our support and counselling for any students who are affected by this tragedy.

Managers will be visiting classes this morning with this message.

Our Counsellor, is available from 9.00am – 4.00pm on Monday. Reservations for 1:1 counselling can be made with our Reception.

Staff, friends and family who need more information about our action plan or relief campaigns can contact CET Director Patrick Pheasant directly on 02 9036 7901.

Students in the Tohoku Customised Program will be contacted directly about any further decisions about the program made by their program coordinators. The program is currently scheduled to continue as planned.

There is a contact website that Japanese students may contact for information about family and friends:

Japan person-finder

Centre for English Teaching

International Office's AusAID Unit and CET team-up for AusAid conference

AusAid international students
 Students showcase research in international aid and development.