CET Management Team

At CET we strive to make your experience an enjoyable one. Our experienced staff are always willing to assist you whether it be for educational advice, study skills or your course here at CET. Our management team oversees the academic and operational functions of CET, they are:

 Patrick Pheasant
CET Director
  Daniel Bruce
CET Deputy Director
  Dr Stephen Howlett
Head of Administration
 Patrick Pheasant, CET Director    Daniel Bruce, CET Deputy Director    Dr Stephen Howlett
oversees the strategy and financial health of CET.  He supports our University clients and partners, agents and individual Faculties to ensure their training objectives are met.  Patrick represents CET in our industry at conference and events.   ensures academic quality and student experience. He makes sure that the quality of teaching standards is maintained. He designs teaching programs with the education managers and teachers.     manages the administrative management of the Centre and makes sure that our team provides students and teachers with the highest standard of support.