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Why choose this course?

The Business English (BE) course will improve your ability to communicate in English in a range of business and workplace situations.

The Centre for English Teaching (CET) offers this industry-leading program for higher intermediate to advanced English speakers already experienced in the business world, or aspiring to an international business career.

Key Benefits

You will have the opportunity to:  
  • Practise and get feedback on your ability to demonstrate competencies in English in arange of Professional Development modules.   This course includes modules in Presentations, Meetings,   Networking, Problem Solving, Time Management, Project Management, Leadership, Negotiating, Managing Up, Conflict Management and Business Writing.
  • explore specific English terminology, skills and
    concepts related to business
  • complete projects (do research, give presentations and write reports) 
  •  visit industry workplaces
  • experience university life


Entry requirements, Timetable, Dates & Fees in 2016

You will need a minimum level of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent. You will be placed in a class according to your IELTS score or equivalent or your score on the CET placement test. If you are not at this level, you can start in General English (GE) or Intensive Test Preparation (ITP).

The courses are held in the morning, afternoon or evening. Customised BE programs are available and vary in course length, date and level.

11-week course

Start date Finish date No. of weeks Hours per week Fees Admin fee Material
4 Jan 2016 18 Mar 2016 11 weeks       20 hours       AUD$450 per week¹    AUD$300 AUD$100²
2 May 2016 15 Jul 2016
18 Jul 2016 30 Sep 2016
4 Oct 2016 16 Dec 2016

A complementary BULATS is included in a 11-week course.


6-week course

Start date Finish date No. of weeks Hours per week Fees Admin fee Material
8 Feb 2016 18 Mar 2016 6 weeks       20 hours       AUD$450 per week¹    AUD$300 AUD$100²
6 Jun 2016 15 Jul 2016
22 Aug 2016 30 Sep 2016
7 Nov 2016 16 Dec 2016
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¹ Additional test fees, as applicable
² AUD$100 initial payment
³ AUD$10 for each week of study

* A minimum of 8 students is required for a course to run in an area of study. CET reserves the right to cancel a course 2 weeks prior to commencement.

BULATS - The Business Language Testing Service Test Dates in 2016

16 Mar 2016   13 Jul 2016   28 Sep 2016   13 Dec 2016

Other CET Courses

You may combine BE course with other CET courses.

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