Shaping your future

Our innovative programs are designed for the international workplace. We focus on excellence in research, teaching and learning and cross-cultural awareness. While our programs focus on the individual, our aim is to meet the needs of a rapidly changing workforce.

Addressing skills deficiencies

Our workplaces are changing and so are the skills required to navigate them. As your company develops its overseas markets you need to develop the capacity of your number one asset – your staff! Targeting skills deficiencies will address the future needs of your business. Our corporate English training programs will help you meet the skills gaps ensuring your staff become globally-literate and capable of meeting the challenges of international business.

Building global competency

Global leaders require new sets of competencies. Our programs provide English language skills that can be applied to real-world workplaces. You’ll develop global leadership skills so that you can lead development and expansion into overseas markets and transfer your knowledge to local staff. We also equip you with skills in cross-cultural understanding, diversity in thinking and the ability to adapt to different work environments.