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English for professional development

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As a recent university graduate or an industry professional from the public or private sector, you will benefit from the great wealth of knowledge and academic expertise that is a trademark of the University of Sydney.

Our professional development workshops and seminars can improve your chances of making an impact in an international market by helping you to gain skills in cross-cultural communication, negotiation and presentation skills.

The range of workshops in this program will help you to gain the required English communication, specific terminology and technical skills that relate to your area of specialisation.

Information sheet - Competency English Programs

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Competent graduates

About the program Information sheet

Leading a team in a global market is a challenging and rewarding task. When you are faced with performing this responsibility effectively in a second language, it takes a lot of effort to choose your words wisely. This leaves less time for other important tasks, such as empowering, empathising with and energising your employees and colleagues.

This program focusses on fine-tuning your communication, helping you to deal with the subtleties, nuances and subtext behind words, so you can concentrate on making your leadership more powerful and effective.

Information sheet - English for International Business

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One-to-one corporate coaching

About the program  Information sheet

This program will give you the opportunity to improve your English language skills, with focus on communication relevant to your area of study or specialisation.

Courses can be structured for specific disciplines such as law, engineering, accounting, business and marketing, medicine or any other discipline.

In this program, you will learn to express your opinions, carry out research, engage with other university learners and gain an insight into industry-specific achievements in Australia.

Information sheet - Competency English Programs

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