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Why study GE at CET?

  • GE focuses on developing communication skills to live and work in Australia and abroad.
  • GE is mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • GE is offered at all levels - A1 to C2.
  • GE is recommended to be taken in 11 week blocks.
  • GE classes are 20 hours per week.
  • GE classes may be held in the morning, afternoon or evening.

What is the tuition fee?

  • Tuition fee for GE $425 per week

What will I learn?

  • You will learn the language skills necessary to function in any English-speaking country and specifically Australia.
  • You will acquire the skills and confidence to get the job you want, travel around Australia or prepare for life after university.
  • You will learn the language needed to prepare for permanent residence or enter the workforce in Australia.

What do I need to enter?

  • There are no set entry requirements for GE.
  • Initial placement in a class is by CET placement test, IELTS or equivalent.
  • There is a minimum two weeks enrolment.

When can I start?

  • You may join an ongoing course on any Monday.
 GE can be taken in combination with:   
Business English (BE) Intensive Test Preparation (ITP) English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

If you wish to study in multiple courses, please enrol in your first course only. We will confirm possible additional courses in our offer letter to you.

Please see table below for courses and start dates:

  • 2015 dates - Start any Monday commencing 6 January 2015
  • 2016 dates - Start any Monday commencing 4 January 2016

GE Group enrolments

   Group enrolments - meeting your needs
GE group enrolments We offer groups enrolments with added services such as homestay and airport pick-up.  We can also customise your program to meet your requirements.  Find out more information
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