Other fees

For more information on accommodation costs, see our accommodation page.

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Health cover

The Australian Government requires all holders of student visas to pay for health insurance in Australia through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Scheme. This scheme is administered by OSHC Worldcare. You are insured for basic medical and hospital cover.

You will be able to collect your Allianz Global Assistance health card from their office on level 4, Jane Foss Russell Building (next to CET), after you arrive at CET.

OSHC fees (AU$)

 Example cover period


 Dual Family

Multi Family

 3 months  $161  $425 $633
 6 months  $322  $850 $1266
12 months  $594  $1643 $2396

If you are visiting Australia on another type of visa, you do not need to pay for health cover.

For non-student visa holders, CET recommends Educover. Educover is an insurance product designed for international students and visitors who are undertaking study in Australia (but not on a student visa) and who are not eligible for OSHC or Medicare benefits.
Benefits include:
- 24 hour emergency helpline - 1800 814 781
- Dedicated on-campus representatives at 35 campuses nation-wide
- Direct billing at over 85 medical providers across Australia, that means no paperwork for you when claiming
- Claims processing on-campus with vouchers redeemable for cash at Australia Post outlets
For information on Educover and to purchase insurance, see the Educover website.

Living costs

You should allow a minimum of AUD$16,000 to cover your living costs (outside tuition) for each year you study in Australia.

Since July 2000, Australia has had a 10% Goods and Service Tax (GST). The GST does not apply to your tuition fees.