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This personalised program is designed to enhance your performance in the English language. You will learn with highly-qualified and experienced ESL teachers in a 1:1 framework tailored to your specific needs. Through an initial intensive, targeted needs analysis and consultation, teachers will assess your individual requirements and develop a training program aimed at helping you to meet your professional and academic goals. Expect to enhance your communication competencies via energetic discussion and debate, critical reflection, and intensive feedback from your language teacher.

How many lessons will I need?

You and your coach will devise a personal plan based on your needs. On completion of the plan, you will receive tools for autonomous learning and ongoing mentoring.

Where are lessons held?

Lessons are held at the .Centre for English Teaching, Level 5 Wentworth Building (G01).

What does it cost?

A typical 1:1 coaching program consists of a block of either 5 or 10 lessons with needs analysis, customised learning plan and detailed post-course report.

The cost of 5 lessons is $725 and the cost of 10 lessons is $1,400.

In order to ensure an optimal outcome from the coaching process, it is recommended that the 5-hour package be completed in a maximum of 5 weeks and the 10-hour package in a maximum of 10 weeks.

Where can I find more information?

Please contact our for more details.

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