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Precision Questioning and Answering (PQ&A) Training

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Why choose this training?

Today’s economy rewards organisations, leaders and individuals who know how to quickly access, and communicate, their best thinking.

Did you know that you can dramatically advance your analytic capability and learn to think more powerfully in collaboration with others?

If you didn’t, you are not tapping anywhere close to your or your organisation’s full potential.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind learning experience that will transform how you and your team collaborate, analyse issues, and solve business problems.

Key benefits

Tested for more than two decades in some of the world’s most respected businesses and universities, PQ&A Training teaches you how to bring the best of your analytic and social-emotional intelligence to the business problems your organisation is tackling.

During this one-day workshop you will learn PQ&A, the most comprehensive analytic questioning framework available. You will also learn to apply the Seven Categories of Questions and Four Practices of Precision Q&A to dramatically improve your ability to:

  • increase meeting efficiency
  • deliver crisp, clear, concise answers that build credibility and influence
  • rigorously test your thinking in preparation for important presentations or project reviews
  • think more strategically during decision making
  • assess the credibility of data and other sources of information
  • accelerate your learning
  • unlock your finest work.

You’ll work on real business issues throughout the workshop, and return to work the next day having advanced both your skills and your thinking about an important project.

Entry requirements

To be eligible, you need a minimum IELTS of 6.5 or equivalent.

Not at this level? You can combine your course and start earlier with Intensive Test Preparation (ITP).

Training information

PQ&A is a one day training course completed in 8 hours.


  1. This course is not available for student visa applications.
  2. This unit is run in conjunction with Vervago.


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How to enrol

Please contact us for more information about enrolment.