Past programs

Tohoku University, Japan

English for Maths & Science Program

The Tohoku Maths and Science Customised Program has run every summer for the past seven years. It is designed to provide an orientation to Maths and Physics lectures as encountered at Australian tertiary institutions, as well as to develop students' English language skills. Tohoku students attended selected third year Maths and Physics lectures, and enjoyed 20 hours per week of English classes at CET.





 Graduating 2015 Tohoku University students with teacher Geoff Hegarty and Education Manager, Dr Nicole Gallahar

Ministry of Social Affairs, Saudi Arabia

English for Social work

Eighteen students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia graduated from the English for Social Work course and General English program administered by the University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching.

For more information, read our press release here.






The graduating MOSA students last November 2014 with teacher Kimberly Baskin.

Business Communication & Leadership program
University of International Business & Economics – China

Top students from UIBE participated in a two week program in January 2015 focused on business communication and leadership in the Australian Context. Their program included a site visit to the Barangaroo development in Sydney and integration with local students in the CET Student Ambassador program.  Groups presented on a comparative business proposal to a panel and were awarded prizes for the winning presentation.  Two UIBE students Diana and Mike commented on the program:

“In this program I have learned critical thinking skills. We think more than before and are able to look at things from different angles. The learning environment is very different from China because teachers and students have a more equal relationship, more like colleagues; each poses questions to one another and listens to the other’s answer.”


“I particularly developed my leadership skills at CET. I have come to realize that leadership is more than just the individual. Leadership requires a group and we will be able to take the lessons learned in leadership and apply them to our future careers and endeavours. “

Intensive General English Program

Onomichi City University - Japan

Every year a small selective group from OCU in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan come to study for 4 weeks of General English, integrated in our Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels. In March 2015, in addition to the intensive English classes the group enjoyed visits to the Blue Mountains, the Bondi – Coogee coastal Walk, the Australian Museum and the Sydney Sealife Aquarium. International Office Coordinator Ms. Dawn Kobayashi says “I am delighted with the program that CET provides. Our students are made to feel extremely welcome and are taken excellent care of by the kind and dedicated staff. In a short period of time, our students really improve their speaking and listening skills. They also gain so much self-belief, determination to study English, and desire to discover more about other cultures. All this within a beautiful, historic campus in the heart of Sydney – I can’t recommend CET enough.

You can see more images from their graduation on the CET Facebook page.








The graduating class from Onomichi City University with CET teachers Gerry, Keren and Danny.

Business Communication & Leadership program
Xiangfe Global Education Group – China

A group of 12 high achieving undergraduate students from China participated in a Business Communication & Leadership program over two weeks in February 2015. During the program the group explored business in the Australian Context, developed their presentation skills and participated in the CET Awards Ceremony, all while developing their English language communication skills. See more about their program here in Chinese!







CET Teacher Brooke & Graduating Xiangfe students

Intensive General English Program

Nagasaki Universities - Japan

Each year a small selective group from Nagasaki prefecture, Japan come to study a short course of General English, integrated in our Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels, s tudying with students from all around the world.








 Graduating Nagasaki Universities students.