Past programs

CET hosts groups from around the world. Generally, groups come during semester breaks; November - March and July - September.

Information on past programs is listed below:

Tohoku University Graduation March 2011 Kyunpook University Orientation January 2011  Kyunpook University January 2011
Tohoku University Graduation 2011  

Students from Tohoku University, Japan participated in an intensive program on Australian Culture and Society. The course consisted of English language lessons and a variety of cultural and educational visits in Sydney and Canberra. Students also participated in selected lectures delivered by the University of Sydney Faculties.

The aim of the program was to give students an insight into Australian history, culture and society.

60 high-achieving students enrolled in mechanical engineering, computer science and electronics participated in a program of English for Biomedical Engineering and Technology. The students were selected by the Centre for English and IT Convergence Centre of Kyungpook University, which aims at establishing itself as a leader in biomedical engineering and robotics.

The program was a combination of English lessons, and customised workshops delivered by CET and the University of Sydney Faculty of Engineering. The program also included industry visits to leading biomedical engineering companies in Sydney.

Tokyo Denki University 2011 Phranakhon Rajabhat University, March 2011 Tokyo Tohoku Maths University 2011

This customised program was designed to help students acclimatise to living in Australia, the city of Sydney and the local community. Topics covered student welfare, health and safety, cross-cultural skills, understanding the Australian environment, its people and its culture, and general communication skills.

After the orientation program, Tokyo Denki students participated in General English open class lessons.

The course in Academic English was a tailored program designed to give participants opportunities to practise speaking, reading and listening skills in the context of a lecture and journal research article. In addition participants were introduced to the process, structure and language of writing a thesis and a thesis proposal in an English context.

13 high-achieving students from Tohoku University participated in a program to learn English using mathematics and physics. The innovative program customised by CET was successful in meeting the specific academic objectives of the group as well as giving students an excellent overall experience of studying at the University of Sydney. Tohoku students were able to attend University of Sydney Faculty lectures as well as participate in customised workshops delivered by Dr Martin Wechselberger, from the School of Mathematics and Statistics and Dr Zdenka Kuncic, from the School of Physics.

ASAS - January 2009 Tokyo Keizai University - August - December 2010 Saibi High School Cusomised program November - December 2010
2009 ASAS    

The ASAS group was with us for 4 weeks. Participants came from all over the world. Click on the 2009 ASAS group image to see a film of their "celebration of culture".

The aim of the 15-week general English and Business English programs focussed on preparing Japanese university students for an internship program in Sydney. Participants gained business communications skills and workplace skills required to work in an English-speaking bussiness environment. The group also participated in educational industry visits to complement their in-class learning.

The study tour program focused on developing English language speaking in the context of Australian culture, lifestyle and society.

Gachon University of Medicine and Science
28 June - 23 July 2010

Meiji Gakuin University
February - March 2010
Joint program CET and RIAP

Tohoku University - March 2010
Joint program CET and RIAP

23 Korean students participated in a customised 4-week course in Australian and Cross-Cultural Studies. The program combined English language lessons and cultural activities to give students a comprehensive understanding of Australian society, culture and history.

Meiji Gakuin University students were able to improve their English language skills and deepen their understanding of Australian history politics and culture. Students attended customised lectures on politics and culture participated in cultural site visits in Sydney and Canberra and interacted with local students through the Australian Discussion groups.

The 28 students from Tohoku University, Japan participated in an intensive program on Australian Culture and Society. The course consisted of English language lessons; site visits in Sydney and Canberra giving students an insight into Australian culture and society;  attendance at the University of Sydney faculty lectures in a variety of disciplines.