The flexible way to study English

Language programs for professionals and undergraduate and postgraduate university students

Whether you are a partner university student, an external organisation or a government or corporate client, we can help you attain your specific, professional and cultural goas. Our innovative programs are designed to foster internationalistaion through excellence in research, teaching and learning and cross-cultural awareness.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

This program will give you the opportuntiy to improve your English language skills relevant  to your specific area of study or specialisation. Courses can be structured for specific disciplines such as law, engineering, accounting, business and marketing, medicine or any other discipline. Learn to express opinions, carry out research, engage with other university learners, gain an insight into industry-specific achievements in Australia.

Business English (BE)

As a recent univeristy graduate or an industry professional from the public or private sector, you will benefit from the great wealth of knowledge and academic expertise which is a trademark of the University of Sydney. Gain the required English communication, specific terminology and technical skills related to your area of specialisation. Our professional development workshops and seminars  will improve your chances of making an impact in an international market by gaining skills in cross-cultural communication, negotiation and presentation skills.

General English (GE)


If you wish to improve your English language skills for general conversation, travelling or leisure, we recommend you participate in a General English course. The course can be fully customised to include modules from a variety of disciplines such as Business English, cross-cultural studies, Australian studies and tourism. You will gain the language skill necessary to function in an English speaking environment with particular attention givent to living in Australia.

Group enrolments

In addition to our customised GE programs, you can choose to study English by participating in open GE classes. This is a great way of interacting with other students and learning about other cultures.

GE group enrolments require a minimum of 10 students. Smaller groups can apply individually through our on-line enrloment system.

Sample programs - information sheets

Discipline-based Teacher Training English for Law
Information Sheet - Discipline-based  Information Sheet - Teacher Training  Information Sheet - English for Law