Direct Entry Course (DEC)

    What is a Direct Entry Course (DEC)?
    • DEC is a direct entry program to Postgraduate Degree Programs at the University of Sydney.
    • You can study in DEC for 36, 25, 15, 10 or 5 weeks, depending on your current IELTS (or equivalent) score and your target score.
    •  DEC prepares you for full participation in your specific School or Faculty.
    • DEC prepares you for admission to Advanced Skills for Academic Success (ASAS) at CET.
    • DEC classes are 20 hours per week.
    • DEC classes can be morning classes from 8.00am to 12.10pm, afternoon classes 12.10pm to 4.20pm, or evening from 4.20pm-8.20pm  
    What is the tuition fee? 
    • DEC36 - $18360 per course commencing 1 January 2015
    • DEC25 - $12,750 per course commencing 1 January 2015
    • DEC15 - $7,650 per course commencing 1 January 2015
    • DEC10 - $5,100 per course commencing 1 January 2015
    • DEC5 - $2,550 per course commencing 1 January 2015
    What will I learn? 
    • You will learn language skills for participation in university lectures, seminars and tutorials.
    • You will learn skills necessary for success in writing essays and reports related to your discipline
    • You will learn basic research skills necessary for your coursework and research degrees. 
    What do I need to enter? 
    • You will need 5.0 - 6.5 IELTS (or equivalent), depending on the English language requirement for your courses at the University of Sydney and you may need to have the minimum required band in every skill.
    Which DEC course is best for me? 
    •  You can study in DEC for 36, 25, 15, 10 or 5 weeks, depending on your current IELTS or equivalent score and your target score.
    • DEC can be taken in combination with Graduate Academic Skills (GAS) or Advanced Academic Skills (ASAS), or separately. 
    If you wish to study in multiple courses, please enrol in your first course only. We will confirm possible additional courses in our offer letter to you.