How to apply for one visa to cover your English and degree studies

'Packaging' means you can obtain one visa which covers both university of studies and English training.

Particularly for students from visa assessment level 3 and 4 countries, this will make your visa processing much simpler.

Package diagram

You will receive Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) forms from both the University’s Student Recruitment and Admissions (SRA) team and The Centre for English Teaching (CET). This allows you to apply for one visa for your whole period of study.

We believe this will streamline the visa application process for students wishing to study at the University, because with the 'package' it will not be necessary to apply for a second visa before commencing degree studies.

Step 1 - Apply to the University for the degree of your choice

Apply online for your degree program through the University’s Find a Course website. You may apply online directly to the university or through a registered university / CET agent.

You may also apply to CET for English language studies at this time.

Step 2 - Receive a conditional offer from the University

If you are eligible for an offer of admission but have not provided any proof of English proficiency, the University will send you a conditional offer subject to meeting the English requirements for your course. If you have conditions other than English on your conditional offer, you will need to meet the other conditions before you apply for a CET package.

Step 3 - Apply to CET for an English course

You can Apply Online for most of our courses. You will be asked to upload your University conditional offer as part of the CET application process. Our system will make a recommendation for a course type based on the data you enter and you will receive a confirmation email. A CET Admissions Counsellor will contact you to confirm your offer.

Step 4 - CET will send you a 'package' offer

CET will send you a 'package' offer. In order to accept the package, you must meet all the conditions on your university offer, apart from English.

Step 5 - You apply for PVA (if required)

Apply for a pre-visa assessment (PVA), if necessary. Please check with the Australian Government if PVA requirements apply to your student visa application.

Step 6 - You make payment

Once you have met all entry requirements except for English language, send your payment to CET as per the offer letter.

Step 7 - CET & Student Recruitment and Admissions both issue eCoEs

CET issues an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) for English studies and the SRAG team issues an eCoE for degree studies.

Step 8 - You apply for your student visa

When you have both eCoEs, you apply for your visa.

Step 9 - With your visa, make your travel arrangements

You receive your visa and make all other arrangements to come to Australia and start your English studies at CET.