Professional Education

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The University of Sydney has a strong to professional education, and to fostering advanced knowledge and practice through research and projects with industry.

The University as a whole collaborates in its research with industry and business, while academic groups host conferences and symposia with bodies and offer professional practitioners attachments to faculties, departments and research projects.

Faculties have an increasing range of tailored and flexible teaching programs in career-related areas, developed in close with relevant professional bodies. The University aims to make professional education as easy as possible by providing maximum for postgraduates to access the right program for them in the mode that best suits their circumstances - whether intensive, part-time, off-campus, via distance education or, , online.

Many postgraduate and continuing education courses are available, especially in faculties where pre-professional education and ongoing professional training are core elements of academic activity. Such courses are now common in health sciences, sciences, engineering and , law, veterinary science, rural management, business and education areas. Graduates may also access specialised studies by enrolling in single units on a fee-paying basis.

A growing number of areas of study offer articulation of programs, enabling students to gain credit towards a postgraduate award by completing professional development or continuing education units in the field. In some subjects, such as designated units in the Faculty of Science, students receive certificates of when they have completed single unit requirements.