Blowing Hot and Cold on British Windmills

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Last year Department of Energy and Science Research Council together spent less than £1 million on research into wind energy, although £100 million each year goes into nuclear research and development. In sharp contrast USA has been spending some 60 million dollars each year on wind energy and now plans 1,000 million dollar demonstration and "commercialisation" programme.
In Germany, Denmark, and Sweden large programmes are under way and number of megawatt size windmills have been or are being built. In USA, competitive electricity prices are already envisaged when present models of machines can be produced in large numbers (bringing down costs). British Wind Energy Association brings together scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs from industry, universities, and various Government bodies. With some 120 members, it now presents respected view on subject of wind energy.
But activity has remained small, and in my view seriously under-funded compared with many of other developed countries of the world. UK is still without single really large windmill (in the megawatt range) and this means that we are failing to build up practical experience which is essential if any serious progress is to be made.
We in UK are doing some very nice work on many of associated problems of wind energy. But none of these "generic studies" can replace real life experience with one or two very big windmills.
(From an article by Norman Lipman in The Guardian)