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Intensive Test Preparation

Intensive Test Preparation (ITP) is an intensive English test preparation course for students who wish to undertake the IELTS test. It is also suitable for students who wish to qualify for entry into Direct Entry Courses (DEC).
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Key benefits

  1. Maximise your employment, migration and academic prospects by acquiring an internationally recognised test result.
  2. Learn effective test-taking skills and strategies.
  3. Increase your English language proficiency and confidence level.
  4. Improve current study practices to maximise your time and effort.
  5. Reach your target level and qualify for the Direct Entry Course (DEC).

Entry requirements

You need a minimum level of IELTS 5.0 or equivalent. We will place you in an English test preparation class according to your IELTS score or equivalent or your score on the CET Placement Test.

What will I learn?

  • Improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking test skills through a task based approach to learning.
  • Receive regular, personalised feedback through interviews with highly qualified teachers.
  • Review your progress goals and create an individualised study plan through weekly progress tests.
  • Access targeted online resources that meet your individual learning needs.

Student video

Anna Sharonina

Intensive Test Preparation (ITP) student

CET transformed me both personally and professionally. When I started my ITP course I thought it was so hard, but my teacher gave my confidence and told me that there is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it.

Timetables, dates and fees in 2017

The course is usually studied in 11-week blocks and you can join an ongoing course on any Monday. There are nine intakes per year. The course length is dependent on your current English level, your progress within the course and the English level you wish to achieve. The minimum course length is two weeks.

Start date No. of weeks Hours per week Fees Admin fee Material
Any Monday 2-50 weeks 20 hours $450 per week¹ $300 $100²

¹ additional test fees, as applicable
² $100 initial payment
³ $10 for each week of study.
* A minimum of eight students is required for Intensive Test Preparation (ITP) to run a test-specific class. CET reserves the right to cancel a course four weeks prior to commencement. All fees are in Australian dollars.

Other CET courses

You can transfer from this course to other CET courses, such as Direct Entry Courses (DEC).


The University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching (CET) is an authorised IELTS test venue. Please visit our IELTS Test Venue for English test dates and details.

  • How long will I need to study?

    2-50 weeks. Recommended 5 week minimum.

  • Dates and fees

    See dates and fees

  • CRICOS code