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CET Bulletin | Happy New Year!

January 2019
Welcome back and Happy New Year to all our readers!
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The Centre for English Teaching wishes everyone a wonderful 2019 filled with interesting and passionate discussions with like-minded individuals, innovative projects and more collaboration across the industry. We look forward to another busy year and working with you to enhance the welfare and experience of international students.

Before we deep-dive into another busy year, we started the year by reflecting on the milestones CET has achieved in 2018. CET Director, Katherine Olston, takes us through CET’s key achievements for 2018.

Direct Entry Course (DEC) Curriculum Transformation

The DEC curriculum transformation powered forward at a furious pace, pushing the boundaries of Canvas’ capabilities, extending the use of adaptive courseware, and taking our prolific educational video production to a new level. The transformed DEC curriculum is academically rigorous, pedagogically sophisticated and will prepare students deeply for the challenges of university life. We also further developed our capacity to support the health and well-being of our students by expanding our suite of well-being workshops, launching the Well-being Ambassador program and through further staff training.
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Innovative English Language and Teacher Training Courses

The launch of the new Global English curriculum has also seen vast amounts of innovation in the form of mobile learning activities, and augmented and virtual reality for the English language classroom. Lessons compel students out of the classroom to engage with seasonal events and activities around Sydney, developing their capacity to use English across a multitude of contexts. In 2018, we also designed and taught our first fully online teacher training course, striking the right balance between synchronous and asynchronous lessons and activities and successfully grappling with the complexities of students in multiple time zones.
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CET Connect at the forefront of innovation

In the student engagement space, CET Connect, continued to encourage students to holistically engage with CET, the University, and the City of Sydney; and through its extensive network of industry partners, connected our students with crucial resources to support their experience as international students. The program was awarded the ATEM Best Practice Award for Innovation and the English Australia Award for Innovation, recognising CET’s contribution to the industry in terms of innovatively enhancing the student experience.
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Speak and Connect Program

2018 also saw CET, positioned anew, in the DVC Education portfolio. This alignment and connection with the teaching and learning activities of the University has brought new opportunities for us to contribute to the wider University effort to enhance the student experience. The Speak and Connect program, which we piloted in semester 2 in collaboration with Student Support Services, supports international students in their first semester of study, demonstrates the role we have to play in supporting transition to university both pre and during degree study.
We are pleased to announce that the Speak and Connect program has been continued for 2019, with the first set of programs to start during Semester 1.
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International Student Experience Showcase

Under the direction of the DVC (Education) and the International Student Experience Steering Group, the Centre for English Teaching delivered a Showcase to present key initiatives enhancing the international student experience at the University of Sydney. The event celebrated the efforts made to improve the international student experience at the university through the presentation of seven key initiatives such as myUni App, the China Pre-Arrival Sessions, Water Safe Program and the award-winning app CET Connect.
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Iris Loba | Public Relations & Events Coordinator |