Welcome CET Scholarships

Semester 1 Scholarships for 2013 are now open. The information below details the criteria and eligibility to apply for our scholarships.

The University of Sydney, Centre for English Teaching is proud to support students through CET Tuition Scholarships of $1,000 who actively contribute to the values and philosophy of the University of Sydney.


  Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible applicants must be a current enrolled CET student. During the course of the semester applicants develop a strategy and implementation plan that is documented on our CET FB of how they contributed in the following 2 areas: –

  1. Inclusiveness – social interaction, cultural awareness, events, university societies & activities

  2. Develop and maintain a Student community –connecting students, building and maintaining a student community utilising  CET FB,  and/or CET YouTube Channel

  3. All applicants must document their initiatives and outcomes on our CET FB. Please

  4. All applicants must complete the CET Scholarship Application form.


Due date and requirements

  • Semester 1 opens 14 January 2013 and closes 4.30pm 19 April 2013.
  • Semester 2 opens 15 July 2013 and closes 4.30pm 20 September 2013.


Awardees will be determined by CET Scholarships Committee. Awardees will need to be available to deliver their video and a speech at the CET Awards Ceremony.

More information

Please contact, University of Sydney, Centre for English Teaching – janelle.adams@sydney.edu.au, 9036 7904.