Below are some great websites for practising academic grammar:

General grammar sites    
Internet TESL journal - medium  

Quizzes for intermediate students and above.


Internet TESL journal - difficult


Quizzes for higher level students.


Interactive quizzes  

More than 170 grammar and spelling quizzes.


EAP grammar quizzes  

Hong Kong site with lots of useful exercises - especially for Asian students.


Grammar Lessons  

Which ares of grammar are most difficult for you? Free grammar lessons.



Grammar information pages    
Grammar glossary  

All the vocabulary you need to understand grammar books.


Count and non-count nouns  

Everything you always wanted to know about countable and uncountable nouns.


Purdue University online writing lab (OWL) - handouts  

Information on many important parts of grammar.


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Quizzes on Articles    
Information page: When to use Articles  

Do you have problems using 'a' and 'the'? This is the webpage for you.


Practise A, An, The or (nothing)  

Some more article questions.


Practise articles and geography  

Using articles with countries, cities, islands, mountains, lakes, seas and oceans.


Articles: A basic quiz  

A more advanced level article quiz.


Exercise on choosing articles  

Another more advanced level article quiz.


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Quizzes on prepositions    
CET preposition review quizzes - review basic preposition use with these exercises before proceeding to the advanced exercises below.  

- In the air (air travel)

- The history of Glebe

- Australia's National anthem: Advance Australia Fair

- Australian cuisine


More advanced preposition practise  

- Prepositions- explanation and exercise

- Correct or incorrect- prepositions

- Quiz on prepositions

- Prepositions and geography

- Recognising prepositions

- Particles in conversation 1

- Particles in conversation 2

- Particles in conversation 3

- Particles in conversation 4

- Particles in conversation 5

- Particles in conversation 6



Learn about astronomy as you review preposition use.


The Manatee  

Learn about this strange animal as you practise your prepositions.


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Verb Review    
Information Page: Overview of verb tenses in English  

Examples and explanations of all major verb tenses in English.


General verb review  

- Subject verb agreement

- Exercise in verb tense consistency

- Consistency in tense and pronouns

- What's the correct verb form? Quiz 1

- What's the correct verb form? Quiz 2

- What's the correct verb form 1

- What's the correct verb form 2

- What's the correct verb form 3

- Tense quiz using "to clean"

- Olympics (verb form quiz)

- Brief history of Vancouver, Canada (more advanced practice with verbs)


Practice the past simple, continuous and perfect  

- Past continuuous - timelines

- Past simple or continuous

- Past perfect

- Past perfect continuous

- Past review 1

- Past review 2


Practice the future tenses  

- Will quiz 1

- The future - going to

- Will or Going to

- The future - present forms

- Will be doing (future continuous)

- Will have done (future perfect)

- "Will be doing" or "will have done"


Practice the present perfect  

- Present perfect

- Present perfect continuous

- Present perfect or present perfect continuous

- Present perfect or past tense

- Present perfect or past simple


Practical modal verbs  

- Can

- Could

- May/might

- Should

- Should 2

- Must/have to

- Should have (past)

- Can have/could have (past)

 -Review: model auxiliaries


Practice the passive voice  

- Active or passive voice

- Past tense passives and trivia

- A good time to be away

- Space exploration

- Hurricane

- Recognising and changing passive constructions



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Practise conditional sentences    
Zero conditional (example: If I pay attention in class, I learn more)  

- Zero conditionals review

- Zero conditionals quiz 1

- Zero conditionals quiz 2

- Zero conditionals quiz 3


First conditional

(example: If it's sunny tomorrow, I will go to the beach)


- First conditionals quiz 1

- First conditionals quiz 2


Second conditional

(example: If I were an animal, I would be an eagle)


- Second conditionals quiz 1

- Second conditionals quiz 2

- Second conditionals quiz 3

- Second conditionals quiz 4


Third conditional:

(example: If I had a million dollars when I was a child, I would have bought a lot of lollies)


- Third conditionals quiz 1

- Third conditionals quiz 2 (with grammar information)

- Third conditionals quiz 3


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Other useful grammar quizzes    

Test your use of words like 'in spite of', 'although' and 'therefore'.


Various fill in the blank quizzes  

Test your understanding of word forms.


Test of grammar and vocabulary  

Tests you on a number of different areas.


What's the correct word order?  

Work on your word order in sentences.


Word order quiz 2  

More practise with word order.


Word order quiz 3  

More practise with word order.


Question formation  

Check that you are forming questions correctly.


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Common grammar errors    
Commonly misused words and phrases.  

- Almost, almost all and most of

- Except / accept and affect / effect

- Its / it's and there / their / they're

- Lie / lay and sit / set

- Notorious confusables 1

- Notorious confusables 2

- Notorious confusables 3

- Notorious confusables 4

- Notorious confusables 5


Error correction  

- Correct or incorrect - verbs

- Correct or incorrect 1

- Correct or incorrect 2

- Correct the mistakes

- Find the missing word


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