Practise your listening

Here are some great websites for practising listening:

Online academic lectures with tapescripts

Notetaking practise:

1. Listen to 10-15 minutes of a lecture and take notes (do not read the transcript).

2. Read your notes and then listen again (as many times as you need to) and improve your notes.

3. When you are happy with your notes look at the transcript of the lecture and check that your information is correct

4. The next time you listen you can continue with the same lecture or choose a different one.


Gresham's lectures  

Gresham College gives free public lectures in London, England, This great website has video and a summary of each lecture. Areas include astronomy, commerce, music, religion and the sciences.


4th annual Peter M. Wege lecture on sustainability (at the University of Michigan)  

Presented by Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway and past Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The lecture starts 12 minutes into the video file - you may want to fast forward. If you find the lecture difficult read the tapescript while you listen.


Other online academic lectures    
University of Sydney podcasts  

Public lectures and lectures from Sydney Ideas, the University of Sydney's international lecture series.


Melbourne University up close podcast  

A series of talks on "research, personalities and cultural offerings at the University of Melbourne".


Curtin University of Technology Library iLectures  

Lectures on library-related topics such as "searching library databases" and "using the internet for assignments".


Columbia interactive (Columbia University)  

Look for 'e-seminars' in the area of study that interests you.


Graduate engineering education at Columbia University  

Lectures from columbia (New York, USA) mostly focusing on the areas of IT, maths, science, engineering and financial engineering.


Columbia School of Arts: Digital Media Centre  

Lectures relating to art and design from Columbia - high quality audio and interesting topics.


UC Berkeley lectures  

Lectures from Berkley (California, USA) mostly focusing on the arts and humanities including curent events, sociology and poetry.


Princeton lectures  

Diverse range of lectures from this famous American University.


University of Pittsburgh: Law School video lectures  

Lectures, panels and conferences relating to law but useful for all EAP students.


Yorktown University  

sample lectures on a wide range of topics from Yorktown University, Graduate School of Government in the USA (audio only).


Columbia video news archive  

Some lectures and a great deal of other listenings.


The Counterbalance Meta Library  

The Meta Library is a shared collection of topics, definitions, audio and video clips which cover the constructive interaction of science ethics, philosophy and religion.


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Notetaking Skills    
Listening comprehension and notetaking  

Some great advice for understanding more of academic lectures and taking good notes.

Notetaking skills: an introduction  

Great introductory website.


General nottaking skills.

Mind mapping  

One useful way to take notes for research, essay preparation and lectures.

The Cornell Notetaking System  

A very famous and effective way of notetaking.

Effective notetaking from a written text  

One good way to take notes in preparation for academic writing.

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More general listening websites    
Randall's ESL cyber listening lab  

Scroll down the page to find the 'listening quizzes for academic purposes" section.


ELLLO- English language listening lab online  

Great listenings with questions to test your understanding.


ABC video on demand - science and health  

Listen to science and health related shows shown on ABC television.


ABC video on demand - arts  

Listen to ABC television shows on the arts such as "At the movies".


ABC video on demand - online documentaries  

Documentaries about past and present Australian from the ABC.


SBS radio - world view  

Listen to radio segments on many different topics and check your understanding with the transcripts.


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News and current affairs listening websites    
Breaking news English  

Easier news lessons designed for english students.


BBC learning English - words in the news  

Listen to the story first and then check your understanding with the transcript.


ABC video on demand - news  

ABC video on demand: news and current affairs.


SBS World News online  

Online news report from the well-respected SBS world news


SBS World News transcripts  

Watch the news tonight on SBS (channel 28) at 6:30pm, then check your understanding the next day using these transcripts.


ABC: Lateline  

This site has videos and transcripts of the ABC's in-depth TV current affairs programs. Great study resource!


SBS radio news and current affairs highlights  

Shorter listenings on some of the major current events.


ABC Radio: AM  

Listenings and tapescripts from ABC's morning TV show.


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