Practise your reading

Here are some great reading skills websites:

Reading strategies    
Effective reading - study skills online    

Test your reading speed and learn to read faster.

 Effective reading    

Some more very useful reading strategies.

 Improving your reading in different subject areas    

Some ideas for improving reading in the areas of science, math, history, geography and literature.

Faster reading    
Reading faster   Basic overview of how and why you should read more quickly.

Skimming and scanning     
What is skimming and scanning?  

Very clear explanations of the difference between skimming and scanning. 

'Skimming quiz'   Good skimming quiz.
'Scanning quiz'   Good scanning quiz from the same website.
Scanning game   Can you find out who killed Angela Spelling?
Skimming exercise   Can you find the main ideas fast? Some great skimming practice from the University of Victoria.
Scanning exercise   How about details? Similarly good scanning practise from the University of Victoria.