Practise your vocabulary

Here are some great websites for practising academic vocabulary:

Academic word list sites
This list documents words from 570 of the most commonly used word families in academic English - learning these words will certainly help you to achieve better marks at university. Look at the lists and then do the practise crosswords.
The academic word list (AWL) site  

Lots of information including 10 sublists of the 570 most frequent words used in academic English.


Study the words in the sublist of the academic word list.

Then use the crossword to test your knowledge.


- Sublist 1 words

- Sublist 1 crossword

- Sublist 2 words

- Sublist 2 crossword

- Sublist 3 words

- Sublist 3 crossword

- Sublist 4 words

- Sublist 4 crossword

- Sublist 5 words

- Sublist 5 crossword

- Sublist 6 words

- Sublist 6 crossword

- Sublist 7 words

- Sublist 7 crossword

- Sublist 8 words

- Sublist 8 crossword

- Sublist 9 words

- Sublist 9 crossword

- Sublist 10 words

- Sublist 10 crossword


More academic word list exercises  

Some excellent exercises to test your knowledge of the academic word list.


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Other useful EAP vocabulary    

Match the words together.



Do you know the antonyms of all these words?


Vocabulary words often confused  

- Commonly confused words

- Prepositions often confused

- Verbs often confused

- Adjectives often confused

- Adverbs often confused


What's the plural?


Check that you know all of these common plural forms.


More useful vocabulary quizzes  

- Expressions

- Collocations

- Abbreviations

- Nouns from adjectives (word forms)

- Nouns from verbs (word forms)

- Finish the sentence

- Negative prefixes

- Opposites / antonyms

- More difficult opposites / antonyms

- Word analogies


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Academic vocabulary quizzes by topic    
Living in Sydney  

- CET quiz: Famous places in Sydney

- CET quiz: Some facts about Australia.

- Beach vocabulary.

- Learn the names of Australian birds (with pictures).



- CET quiz: Education subjects

- Educational subjects

- Troublesome words

- Troublesome words 2

- Online degrees vocabulary list


Health and medicine  

- CET quiz: Medical equipment

- CET quiz: Parts of the body

- Body parts

- Illnesses and health vocabulary list

- Phrasal verbs - illness

- The Organs game - Put all the human organs into their correct position in the human body.

- CET quiz: Medical Institutions vocabulary

- CET quiz: Medical Professions

- Doctor's visit vocabulary list

- Medical terms

- Medical vocabulary

- CET quiz: Medical technology

- Alternative medicine


Tourism and travel  

- CET quiz: At the Airport

- CET quiz:: A visit to a Hotel

- CET quiz: Australia - best world-wide country - vocabulary from reading

- CET quiz: Travelling to Australia - vocabulary from reading

- Phrasal verbs - Travel


Business and finance  

- CET quiz: Occupations

- Business expressions 1

- Business expressions 2

- Business epressions 3

- More business vocabulary (linguarama)


Crime and the Law  

- CET quiz: Law breakers

- CET quiz: French woman tries to leave plane mid-flight - vocabulary from reading

- Criminal offences

- John robs a corner store: criminal and legal vocabulary

- Phrasal verbs -crime


Technology and computers  

- CET quiz: Computer words

- Internet words


The environment (including weather and natural disasters)  

- CET quiz: Environment vocabulary

- CET quiz: Natural disasters

- The Natural World

- Plant or animal?

- What's the weather like?

- Winter weather

- The Water Cycle

- Weather cycle vocabulary list


Society and government  

- CET quiz: Population vocabulary

- CET quiz: Governments and social systems

- CET quiz: Politics

- Top 20 world languages


Psychology and intelligence  

- CET quiz: The mind and intelligence vocabulary

- Describing people

- Phrasal verbs - Thinking

- Idioms with the word 'read'

- Phrasal verbs using the word 'write'



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Test your academic vocabulary    
Level tests online  

Is your EAP vocabulary good enough for university? Find out here.


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