Practise your writing

Here are some good websites for practising writing:

General writing websites:


More useful sites:

  • Writing guides - guides on spelling, punctuation, transition signals and more!


Cultural differences in academic writing    
Advanced composition for non-native speakers of English  

Very good explanation of different academic styles in different cultures and how to change your style to suit the Western Academic environment.


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Quizzes to improve writing    
Guide to grammar and writing  

Lots of quizzes both on grammar and writing.


Writing quiz  

Correct these common writing errors.


Linking words  

Some great exercises to help you use linking words correctly.


Formal expressions  

Great exercise! Put the words in the correct order.


Combining sentences  

Make two sentences into one.


Punctuation quiz 1

Punctuation quiz 2



Choose the correct punctuation.


Spelling test (difficult)  

Do you have good advanced English spelling?


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General information    
English club - writing  

Lots of good and interesting information.


University of Delaware writing handouts  

Some simple help writing paragraphs.


Principles of composition  

How to write, the structure and more! Great information.


Sentence sense  

There's a lot of reading here but it has some really good ideas.


Model essays  

Some excellent examples to examine.


FCE Writing Class - makeovers  

Good for everyone, not only FCE students. Shows writing with corrections. Do you make these mistakes?


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Avoiding plagarism    
The Plagiarism Court  

Interesting and interactive lesson that explains what plagiarism is and asks you to look at different pieces of writing and judge whether they are plagiarised or not.


Plagiarism and academic integrity  

Excellent interactive lesson from Rutgers University. Listen to conversations between Kim and Yoko and help them to avoid plagiarism.


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Understanding your question    
Answering assignment questions  

Before you start make sure you understand the question.


Analysing the essay question  

More to help you understand the question.


Analysing the topic  

Another explanation of how to analyse questions.


Explanation of functions in essay questions  

Very good explanation and exercise.


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Researching your question    
The research process  

Excellent site that explains how to do good research step-by-step.


The University of Sydney library database portal  

Best place to start your research. Check out ProQuest 5000, Emaerlad Full-text and Expanded Academic Index asap..


Electronic databases - online tutorial  

Great interactive online tutorial from Charles Darwin University.


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Understanding structure    
Essay writing product - the stucture  

Very clear lesson on the structure you need to use for academic essays.


Essay writing - the basics  

Very good explanation of how to write a good essay.


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Using references    
Referencing - online tutorial  

Great interactive online tutorial from Chalres Darwin University.


APA Referencing - detailed lesson  

Explanation of why referencing is important and all the details of the APA system.


APA Referencing - the basics  

Simple page explaining the APA system.


Referencing (APA, Harvard and footnote/bibliography systems)  

Detailed clear pages on the Harvard, APA and footnote/bibliography systems.


Introducing quotations and paraphrases  

Good ways to introduce other writers' ideas (example 'CET strongly argues that...').


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Common mistakes    
Dumb things that smart academic writers don't do  

Find out common academic writing mistakes and avoid them.


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Writing guides    
A rough guide to punctuation  

Great punctuation reference from UNSW's Learning Centre.


English spelling rules  

Improve your spelling!


Cambridge advanced learner's dictionary  

The best online dictionary for English students.


Transition signals in writing  

Using words like 'firstly', 'in contrast' and 'for example' to improve your writing!


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