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Listening websites for English students    

English language listening lab online (ELLLO)


Fantastic website! Listen to English speakers from all over the world.


ELLLO interview archive         

Access to all the interviews (over 800) on the ELLLO site.


ELLLO mixer activities  

Activities to give you practice in understanding different voices and accents.


ELLLO listening games  

Games to help you improve listening comprehension.


ELLLO News centre  

Easier news listenings to help you improve your ability to understand news reports.


Randall's ESL cyber listening lab  

Great listenings on many topics like entertainment, shopping and telephone English.


Randalls' ESL self-study listening lab  

Listen to Randall and choose the correct answer.


Lingaulnet - learning English through movies  

Watch the movie trailers and then answer the quiz questions. Turn the subtitles off to make it more difficult.


English bites  

Download the video, listen and then do the exercises.


ABC video on demand - education  

Listen to one of the selection of English learning videos.


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More advanced listenings for English students    
Gresham's lectures  

Gresham College gives free public lectures in London, England. This great website has video and a summary of each lecture. Areas include astronomy, commerce, music, religion and the sciences


BBC: learning English  

Fantastic site from the BBC with listenings, vocabulary and quizzes.


ABC video on demand - science and health  

Listen to science and health-related shows shown on ABC television.


ABC video on demand - arts  

Listen to ABC television shows on the arts such as "At the movies".


ABC video on demand - online documentaries  

Dcoumentaries about past and present Asutralian from the ABC.


SBS radio - world view  

Listen to radio segments on many different topics and check your understanding with the transcripts.


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News listening websites    
Breaking news English  

Easier news lessons designed for English students.


BBC learning English - words in the news  

Listen to the story first and then check your understanding with the transcript.


ABC video on demand - News  

ABC video on demand - news and current affairs.


SBS world news online  

Online newd report from the well-respected SBS world news.


SBS world news transcripts  

Watch the news tonight on SBS (channel 28) at 6:30pm. Then check your understanding the next day using these transcripts.


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Current affairs listening websites    
ABC: Lateline  

This site has videos and tapescripts of the ABC's in-depth TV current affairs programs. Great study resource!


ABC radio: AM  

Listenings and tapescripts from ABC's morning radio show.



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