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Sites for English students:    
English Club-Reading  

Famous tests and short stories.


California distance learning project  

Great site with news stories for English.


The fiction channel  

Short stories, poetry, lyrics and non-fiction for English students.


Internet TESL journal- Reading  

Reading about stories, jokes, history and study skills.


How the kangaroo got his tail  

An Australian Aboriginal lengend.



This site will load any webpage and then let you click on any word to look it up in a dictionary, very useful if you are reading difficult tests.


Myths and Legends  

Lots of good myths written in easy English.



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Books online:    
The Online Books page  

More than 20,000 English books on-line.


Bibliomania Books Online  

More that 2,000 famous fiction stories.


English Daily's Books  

Some easy books for English students.



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Newspapers and news magazines online

You can go to these sites and read actual newspapers and magazines from Australia, America, and England online.

Find a newspaper from any country in the world at onlinenewspapers or choose a country.


The Sydney Morning Herald:  

Sydney's most popular newspaper.


The Daily Telegraph:  

Sydney's tabloid newspaper.


ABC News online  

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation website.


SBS World News


The best international news in Australia.


BBC World Service: learning English  

News written for English students.


BBC News Front Page  

The best news in Britain.


The Guardian


A popular English newspaper.


CBC online  

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's news website.


The Globe and Mail  

Canada's national newspaper.


CNN News online  

The world's most famous news service with both American and international services.


ABC News online  

The American Broadcasting Corporation's news website.


The New York Times  

One of the most famous newspapers in the world.


The Washington Post  

Well-known newspaper from the American capital, Washington D.C.


TIME Magazine  

Famous American news magazine.



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Entertainment and movie websites    
PEOPLE Magazine online  

Famous American entertainment magazine.


MOVIEWEB movie previews  

Read about all the latest movies.



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