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Quizzes to help you write better    
Guide to Grammar and Writing  

Lots of quizzes both on grammar and writing.


Writing quiz  

Correct these common writring errors.


Formal expressions  

Great exercise! Put the words in the correct order.


Combining sentences  

Make two sentences into one.


Punctuation Quiz 1


Choose the correct punctuation.


Punctualtion Quiz 2  

Choose the correct punctuation.


Typing Test  

How fast do you type?



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Information to help you write better
English Club - writing  

Lots of good, interesting information.


Writing paragraphs  

Some simple help writing paragraphs.


Sentence Sense  

There's a lot of reading here, but it has some really good ideas.


FCE writing class - makeovers  

Good for everyone, not only FCE students. Shows writing with corrections. Do you make these mistakes?



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Writing for Business    
Writing business letters  

Introduction to writing English business letters.


Writing for a North American Business audience  

Do you plant to do any business with American or Canadian companies?


Requesting information  

Sample letter requesting information.


Sending information  

Standard business letter providing information.


Resumes, CVs and Covering Letters in English  

Great information on how to write a CV/resume.



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References to help you write    
A rough guide to punctuation  

Great punctuation reference from UNSW's Learning Centre.


English spelling rules  

Improve your spelling!


Cambridge advanced learner's dictionary  

The best online dictionary for English students.


Transition signals in writing  

Using words like "firstly", "incontrast" and "for example" to improve your writing.



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