General English (GE1A)

Here are some useful sites for GE1A:

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Week 1 Who's a smart cookie?

Taking the plunge. The Sydney Morning Herald covers two people skydiving.



Listening game: Feelings. You will hear how four men are feeling. First do the quiz and then read the tapescript.



Life down under. Nicola, from Queensland talks about why Australia is cool but different from Japan.



All about Australia. Mike tells you everything you need to know about Australia.



English laguage centre. A student calls to find out more information about a Language Centre.



Haven't we met before? Two university students meet again.



Personal problems (difficult). Ron talks about a problem he has.



Phrasal verbs - emotions



Idioms relatred to anger



Jokes. Use your vocabulary to choose the best answer.



Word list - people



Internet vocabulary



Self-study homonyms quizzes



First names quiz - man or woman?



Verb tense review




- Frustrating

- A good job

- A long walk

- Participle Adjectives

- Adjectives ending in'ed' and 'ing'

- Q&A: 'ed'/'ing' adjective or verb?


Other websites

Personality quiz - choosing different colours will reveal your true personality.



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Week 2 Getting away

Lonely Planet - destinations



The Sydney Morning Herald travel page



Listening game: flags. Learn the flags of 18 different countris and try to guess the one's described. first do the quiz and then read the tapescript.



Travel arrangements (easy). Listen to a customer booking a trip over the phone and then answer the questions.



Visiting a Japanese public bath (medium). Listen to two friends talking about the custom of visiting a public Japanese bath and then answer the questions.



Asia tour: A mountain in Indonesia. Phil talks about going to Indonesia.



Great trip, great country (medium). Nicola talks about Turkey.



Hotel check-in (more difficult). Listen to a guest checking into a hotel and then answer the questions.



Transportation verbs (easy)



Phrasal verbs used to talk about travel



Karen and Ken catch a flight



Travel trivia - how much do you know about Europe?



Travel trivia - how much do you know about the USA?



Word list - air travel



Word list - countries and nationality



Present perfect

- Present perfect review

- Present perfect quiz 1

- Present perfect quiz 2

- Present perfect quiz 3

- Present perfect quiz 4

- Present perfect quiz 5

- Present perfect or past tense


Other websites

Quotes about adventure



More travel quotes



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Week 3 Piece of cake

Food videos form the Sydney Morning Herald website.



Dining around the world. Simon compares going to various restaurants and pubs around the world.



Dinner time. A father tries cooking for his daughter with some less-than-fantastic results. Listen ans answer the questions. Then look at the tapescript and vocabulary.



How to be a chef. Rebecca discusses the various ways to become a chef.



A chef's life. Rebecca talks about her experience working in Australian restaurant.



Recipe: Cuban chicken. Alex shares her recipe for making a very tasty Cuban dish with chicken.



Pizza delivery. A telephone pizza order. Listen and answer the questions. Then look at the tapescript and vocabulary.



Song: "Coffee" by Dean Krippaehne. Great fun! Listen to this song about coffe as you read the lyrics.



A healthy lifestyle (difficult). A couple talk about health. Listen and answer the questions. Then look at the tapescript and vocabulary.



Things found in the kitchen - with pictures



How to cook an omelette - verb quiz



What vegetable?






Cooking pasta (vocabulary gap-fill)



Prepositions often confused



Zero conditional (eg. If I pay attention in class, I learn more).

- Zero conditionals review

- Zero conditionals quiz 1

- Zero conditionals quiz 2

- Zero conditionals quiz 3



First conditional (eg. If I study harder, I will get better marks).

- First conditionals review

- First conditionals quiz 1

- First conditionals quiz 2

- First conditionals quiz 3

- First conditionals quiz 4



Second conditional (eg. If I studied every hour of every day, I would be completely fluent within a month).

- Second conditionals review

- Second conditionals quiz 1

- Second conditionals quiz 2

- Second conditionals quiz 3

- Second conditionals quiz 4

- Second conditionals quiz 5




- Review of first, second and third conditionals



If and Unless

- Choose 'if' or 'unless''

- 'If', 'when' or 'unless'


Other websites

Quotes about food



Funny quotes about food and eating



Quotes about cooking (cooking rule - if at first you don't succeed, order pizza)



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Week 4 All you need is love

Song: "It'll be alright" by Heather Sullivan. Great fun. Lsten to this song about love as you read the lyrics.



Dating. Mark and Mike talk about how to ask a woman on a date in the United States.



Twins. Nicola talks about her twin. Listen and answer the questions.



Family roots. Listen to the story of Ana Maria Cavazos, look at the photos and answer the questions.



Mum and Dad. An American woman talks about her mum and dad. Listen and answer questions.



Dinner time (medium). Dad cooks dinner. Listen and answer the questions.



Enjoying the zoo (more difficult). Listen to a father and his young son talking about their visit to the zoo. Then answer the questions.



Wedding anniversary. Listen to Ashley talking about her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Then answer the questions.






Word list: family and relationships



Relationship and love idioms



Third conditional (eg. If I had studied harder when I was a child, I would have learned more in school).

- Third conditionals review

- Third conditionals quiz 1

- Third conditionals quiz 2

- Third conditionals quiz 3

- Third conditionals quiz 4

- Third conditionals quiz 5

- Third conditionals quiz 6 (with grammar information)

- Third conditionals quiz 7



Past and present wishes

- Wish review

- Present wishes quiz 1

- Past and present wishes quiz 1

- Past and present wishes quiz 2

- Past and present wishes quiz 3

- Past and present wishes quiz 4

- Past and present wishes quiz 5


Other websites

Quotes about family



Romantic love quotes



Top ten love quotes



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Week 5 Jog your memory

How to expand your mind. Mark talks about a passion he has.



How to stand in Canada. Steven talks about getting into a Canadian University.



Four language learning listenings. Four great listening exercises from ELLLO.



Interview with Steve Ryan. Listen to Steve's tips for learning a language.



Culture shock. Learn about culture shock with this longer video. Then answer the questions. Which stage are you at?



Phrasal verbs - thinking



Phrasal verbs -speaking



Phrasal verb practice 1



Vocabulary for University students



Idioms with the word 'mind'



Idioms related to understanding



Troublesome words



Similar or opposite - quiz A



Paragraph gap-fill (like, as, such as)



Word forms quiz 1



Adjective or adverb



What's the correct word order


Other websites

Talk to your friends - conversation questions about education



Talk to your friends - conversation questions about school



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