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Sydney Harbour

Sydney, with its magnificent harbour, is one of the world's most beautiful cities. It has famous beaches, wildlife parks and a wide choice of restaurants and shopping facilities. Its dynamic downtown area blends the modern with the traditional.

You will find Sydney exciting and lively. It is a city of four million people with an excellent environment for living and studying. Sydney is clean, safe and one of the most multicultural cities in the world, so there's no surprise that there's many things to do and see while you're here.

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Australia is part of the Commonwealth and is the world's smallest continent. It has been inhabited for more than 42 000 years by Indigenous Australians and has many sacred areas belonging to these people. With its outback landscapes, bush terrain, sunny beaches and interesting wildlife, it is comprised of some of the best scenery offering a wide range of sight seeing.

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Sydney Attractions


Sight seeing:  
Tourism NSW

Government website with everything you need to know to travel around New South Wales.

Lonely Planet Sydney

Information about Sydney from the famous travel guide.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Climb an Australian icon.

The Sydney Opera House

Go and see the latest Sydney Opera House's productions and concerts.

Taronga Zoo

Sydney's world-class zoo. See some native and non-native animals and also a spectacular view of the Harbour.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Feed a Kangaroo and touch the famous Koala.

Symbio Wildlife Gardens

Alternatively, you can get out of the City and venture down Sydney's coast to Symbio. Here you can also view the great cliffs of Stanwell Tops.

The Art Gallery of NSW

One of Australia's best art galleries.... and some of it is FREE!

Darling Harbour

Visit one of Sydney's beautiful harbours. With shopping, restaurants, the Maritime Museum, Sydney Wildlife Park and Aquarium you can't go wrong.

NSW National Parks

Information on all the national parks in NSW & Sydney (there are more than 600 parks in the state)!

The Australian Museum

Find out about Indigenous Australia and also its history.


What's on:  
Free things to do Free things to do and see in Sydney.
City of Sydney What's happening around town from Sydney City Council.
Whats on in Sydney Find out what's on.

Places to eat:  
Restaurants Search for a restaurant near you that cooks the food you love.
White Pages Alternatively, look for them in these directories.
Yellow Pages  

Sydney nightlife:  
Time Out Sydney Search for a entertainment in Sydney.
Sydney nightlife guide Read up on the Sydney night life and where to go.
Drum Media A free newspaper/magazine you may find around Sydney about nightlife, concerts and DJ's. 
Live Music Guide Search for live music in Sydney.

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Australian attractions

Sight seeing:  
Australia's official travel website What to see and do in all of Australia's states.
Department of Foreign Affairs Information about Australia and its legalities.
Lonely Planet Australia Information from the famous travel guide.
National Library National Library of Australia with lots of interesting links.
TNT Magazine The online version of the free publiscised magazine for travellers in Australia.
Welcome to Australia Australian Tourist Commission site - in Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Guide to Australia Loads of great information.
Uluru (Ayers Rock) Visit a famous Australian icon as well as an Aboriginal sacred site.
Discover Tasmania Visit Australia's scenic island state.
Great Barrier Reef The world's largest reef formation and home to the most beautiful fish and coral.
Western Australia Visit arad planes and the golden outback. 
Visit Victoria Take a breath of cosmopolitan in Melbourne.


Qantas Airlines Book a flight online with Qantas.
Virgin Australia Book a flight online with Virgin.
Jetstar A cheaper alternative, Qantas discount airline.
STA student travel STA is a travel agent specialised in student travelling. Go on their website and apply for a student travel card which offers discounts worldwide.
Adventure Tours Tour Australia with this company to experience an adventure like none other.
Oz Experience Flexible small group transport network for active, independent travellers. A website showing the latest tours and tour operators around Australia.

Test your knowledge of Australia:  
Australia: Just the facts The basic facts and figures about Australia and its states.
My Land Learn all about Australia; it's land, animals and people.
Australian Geography quiz Easy quiz where you can test your knowledge of the Australian States and Territories.
Aussie slang quiz Do you know any Australian slang?
Dave's ESL Cafe Another Aussie slang quiz.
Real Australian slang Very common Aussie slang used all the time in Sydney.
Australian animals quiz What do you know about Australian animals?
Australian birds Names and pictures of the most common Australian birds.
Australian photo album: Animals Photos of lots of Australian animals.
Australian plants and animals Excellent information from the Australian Government.

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