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Free workshop - "Using the English language to get what you want"

We are offering free workshops - "Using the English language to get what you want" on the 23 and 25 July 2014. Each workshop runs from 2pm-3pm. The workshops will be held on location at our centre.


These workshops have been designed to help you transition into Australian and University life and to provide an opportunity for community members to study at a world-class university.

Our workshops provide:-

  • A fun and interactive learning environment.
  • Practical task-based learning.
  • Instruction by experienced and caring teachers.
  • An opportunity to purchase the full course at the end of each workshops.

We also provide:

Future workshops - register your interest

At the completion of these workshops, you can register your interest on our mailing list. We will contact you when new workshops become available.

Test preparation classes

Do you need to improve your results quickly?

Test Preparation Classes teach you strategies and skills to boost your IELTS test results. They cover the four components to familiarise you with the skills you need to successfully complete the IELTS Test.

CET is an IELTS Test Venue and holds tests regularly. For more information on IELTS Testing.