Baptist Chaplaincy

Reverend David Freeman
T 02 9557 2098

Statement of Faith

Who are the Baptists?
We are an evangelical church. We look to the Bible to discover the mind of God and therefore our life values. We believe in the great biblical truth of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus, salvation by faith through God's grace.

How is the Church organised?
The church is a group of people who have all made a personal commitment to Jesus. While every individual involved in the church is gifted for different roles we believe everyone is equal before God.

Therefore Baptist churches organise themselves with the following points in mind:

Christ, not any particular individual, is the head of the church.
Church meetings are an opportunity for everyone to express where they believe God is leading.

God's leading is ultimately tested in the consensus of a church meeting. The church does not try to tell anybody exactly what they should believe, but each individual seeks the truth of God personally.

Who runs the Church?
We all do! But we recognise that certain individuals are personally gifted to provide leadership in the church. The church itself will recognise an individual as having the right gifts and abilities for leadership. The church then allows the individual to use his or her gifts to lead the group.

The world we live in
While we are passing through this world, God calls us to be concerned for it. This means we are deeply concerned about such issues as poverty, justice, freedom, equality and the environment. We understand that the Bible does not draw distinction between people's spiritual and physical wellbeing, and we are committed to caring for both.

Are you a large group of churches?
Today there are about 72,000 of us in hundreds of churches in every state of Australia. Each local church is autonomous (self-governed) but we voluntarily link together with other churches to form a Baptist Union in each state, who together form the Baptist Union of Australia.