Buddhist Chaplaincy

Venerable Neng Rong

Contact: +61 2 9746 6334 (off campus)

Venerable Neng Rong

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism tells us that everything in the world arises due to causes and conditions and is subjected to change. Nothing is permanent. However, it is during this process of changing that we can cultivate right conditions that lead us to a better future. Buddhism explains to us what are the causes of sufferings and how can we end our sufferings.

The Buddhists look upon the Buddha as a teacher. He is a teacher who has realised the truth of life and phenomena in the world. He has freed himself from greed, hatred and ignorance. He is pure in his personality/conduct and has perfect wisdom and compassion. He shares with us his experiences and teaches us the method of practice. It is by putting our effort into practising these teachings that we can gradually develop a rational, calm and compassionate mind, purify our conducts and end sufferings. Thus we too can attain perfect wisdom, compassion and virtues like the Buddha. As the saying goes:

By ourselves is evil done;
By ourselves we pain endure.
By ourselves we cease from ill;
By ourselves become we pure.
No one can save us but ourselves;
No one can and no one may.
We ourselves must walk the path,
Buddhas only point the way.
(Dhammapada 165)