Salvation Army Chaplaincy

Lauren Mason

Ms Lauren Mason

Statement of Faith

Our Mission Statement
Grow Saints, Save Souls and Serve Suffering Humanity.

We aim to acheive this mission in the uni through the following ways:
- To provide a forum for speakers to make presentations to members of the group about social justice issues and how YOU can be empowered to make a difference
- To provide a support group for students who want to make a difference in their university through addressing the needs of their peers
- To schedule visits to Salvation army sites allowing students to understand the real issues facing our society is facing
- To provide activities for students to foster a sense of community and fellowship within their university
- To provide a spiritual framework to understand what motivates us to make a difference
- To encourage studets to be aware of the deeper needs of individuals (a holistic view of self, striving to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spritually healthy)
- To provide opportunities for students to foster deeper and closer relationships with God
- Continue to widen The Salvation Army mission and motives and promote its work.