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Essay competition winners

Winner: English Language Category

Thomas Williams is an undergraduate student from the University of Western Australia. He has studied at Zhejiang University, Beijing Institute of Education, Renmin University, and Peking University. A recipient of the Prime Minister's Australia-Asia Endeavor Award and a Fogarty Scholarship, he is currently employed by former Ambassador to China, Geoff Raby & Associates. Tom hopes over the next few years to complete a Masters in Asian Studies and start an education-orientated organisation in China. Even though Tom is greatly enjoying living in the vivacious human vibrancy that is Beijing, he does occasionally long for the miracle of Australian beaches and sunshine.

Past the Parallax: Rousing A New China-Cognisance

The purpose of this essay is to briefly outline why the Australia-China relationship is of singular importance to Australia's national life and how the current Australian mindset concerning China is unsustainable and an impediment to future prosperity. It identifies the cultural and structural barriers that will need to be overcome to bring about this change and the policy, business, and personal initiatives that can be taken to achieve it. Ultimately, this essay posits that Australians, especially young Australians, need to critically assess our current frames of reference and motivators, and actively engage with our desired future in the Asia Century by taking proactive measures now.

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Winner: Chinese Language Category

龚槚钦 (Justin Gong) is an undergraduate student at the Sydney Film School (SFS), where he has already won twice, the title of “Best Cinematographer” at the SFS Film Festival during his studies. His study majors during his undergraduate studies have been Business Information system and marketing and most recently screen media. Born in Hangzhou, Justin has been studying in Sydney since 2008. When he completes his studies he would like to become a Director of Photography. Sydney, Justin says, is a fantastic city which provides him with lots of ways to life to choose from: he can sit back and live a leisurely lifestyle, or live a fast-pace modern-city life. But due to the limited opportunities in the Australia film market, he will most likely consider returning to China for further career development.


诗人说:“一滴露珠可以折射出太阳的光芒。”本文想讲述的, 是我亲身经历的一件事。它如同一滴可以折射出太阳光芒的露珠,折射出了中澳关系的未来。事情的经过是这样的:2011年8月,我作为悉尼电影学院的一名学生,回国期间,在广东省揭阳市医院的门口,看到一个中年男人牵着一个女孩,在哀哀哭泣。

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